[] The Vampire Bat, DW melee vitality Ritualist


  • Proper image for my build


Vitality pure melee usually is under presented in end game builds. Usually vitality casters have tons of sustain but melee are glassy despite their AdctH and also as melee you take damage with your head. So my tries at vitality melee fails miserably. Not here though thanks to few guys, especially @sir_spanksalot but also @mad_lee and @Valinov - big credit to them. Their proposals makes me complete Gladiator without constantly dying. And yes Decay made the difference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



  • Fully buffed with Soul Harvest, Blood Pact and Dying God active

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLn4EON


Build have massive flat damage from Savagery, also 94% WPS with dual Necro skills, also Dual Seal of Void and medal. RR is staggering as well -153% stack able RR and flat from Revenant, OA is decent, especially in Crucible, also good speed and AS procs, great crit damage for melee build.


30% AdctH, MoT, OK armor and physical resistance, Damage Reduction from Decay and health potions on CD :upside_down_face:

If you are dying siphon points from Storm Touched to Wendigo.


Other than Set picked some standard and non items:

  • Relic - Deathchill, brilliant idea Spanks. It have massive flat damage!

  • Weapons - Dual Decree of Malmouth. Yes, they don’t have attack speed , flat vitality and such. But they have +1 to both mastery, OA, and can fully convert all elemental damage. So fully vitality Soul Harvest, Savagery and relic. Pure melee weapons suck.

  • Medal - Direwolf is better here than Korvaak. Massive OA and yes racial to Kuba and Reaper. Especially important against Kuba, cause he, she or it is crazy resistant to vitality.

  • Boots - Slow&skill bonuses.

  • Pants&Belt - The green connection. In between the two items, only one rare affix is used- Kings on pants. Belt is nice, cause converts chaos from WPS, DG last node and gloves component to vitality. Pants have +skills to Blood Pact and Soul Harvest.

  • Rings - actually advise by Spanks to select Cursebearer over Fallen. Fallen have better damage but Cursebearer is better defensively.

  • Gloves - Awkward choice, but +2 to Savagery, AS, Elemental resistance and DA are all nice stats.


Build is pure glass canon, you can smack everything but health is moving up and down constantly. Anyway with Decay and Black tallow in medal was able to find rhythm. So with this configuration managed to finish 6 out of 7 runs, although have pretty often close calls. For comparing I finished in my original version just 1 out of 4. So small differences makes big differences!

Times are little slower than original concept. They vary fro 6:25 to 7:15 depending on mutators/Nemesis.

Watch out for Grava, he’s the worst for some reason, also disruptors are nasty. Kuba is easy at 154, can create problems in 170. Easiest Nemesis is Reaper, I like how quickly he dies.

So video from Crucible 6:24!

And here’s excellent run by @romanN1 of 5:45!


The rest of the guide is irrelevant.

EDIT: @Nery

Spanksalot, that’s ENOUGH

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Medea creating topic- animal abuse in photography, zoos and circuses. :wink:

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congrats on making the fastest DW vit spec ever btw.

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Oh, thanks! :blush:

PS you and Lee deserve a big credit!

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Nah, the only thing I really did to contribute was deathchill relic and decay. But everyone else was echoing the same advice regarding decay.

Maybe cursebearer too…

That ring is so clearly BiS on 99% of vit builds

We had Fire Bat and now we have proper vampire bat! Good polish on the final spec, Nery.

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Thanks for your words and your help!

I think proper vampire is vitality damage and not bleeding. Count Dracula will be pleased with this build.

MFW I saw your build post:

I was just thinking yesterday, WTH does this weapon have +1 Shaman on it… :thinking:
It should be +1 Occultist in my opinion! :smiley:

Great job @Nery!

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Thanks! And also you are contributing with nice GIF, appreciated.

As I said vitality melee weapons suck(not blood) and that’s nice way to use Decrees. In my legit days, farmed them a lot, so later I was not sure where to used them :thinking:

I guess Bloodrender is worse due to less conversion on Soul Harvest?

I should really watch out for tuesdays, I probably missed a lot of your builds.

Would Mythical Livegiver Signet be an option?
Maxed Soul Harvest and 3 more Skill Points if you want keep Necrotic Edge at 12/12.

Instead of Deathlord? I will lose AS, but it’s possibility. I use exactly this ring on my DK build, but there weapons have built in AS.

Yes, you miss a lot of them. And always posted on Tuesday. Now will throw couple of them in Monday "just’’ to confuse you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep, but perhaps a little less squishyness. :slight_smile:

hello,how can i use 2 one hand weapon?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Mythical Direwolf Crest grants the ability to dual wield melee weapons.

hello ty for help

Do you mind giving me the Save File?

I am a little bit bored (my Bleeding Spellbinder didn´t work out like I thought…well, it exactly worked, like I thought :joy:) and would like to tinker around a bit. Have already made this (GRIMTOOLS) up and would like to test it in SR a little bit.

Here you are! Note that vitality pure melee builds are way glassier than casters.

_Wilder.zip (881.9 KB)

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