[] War - Brimstone 2H Melee ShieldBreaker SR75 [Sr+]


It all begins and end with War,

I heard you guys like meteors so I put meteors, into your meteors, into your meteors. I present you the final horseman War.

with Ulzuins Torch, Brimstone Weapon and our Annihiliation Relic We rain fire from the sky to kill our enemies.

Justice Set was used for armor, absorption and attack speed. Rings give massive OA. When I pop Ascension I saw 3570 OA and bosses melted.


GT Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnbnL9N

SR 75:

Some bosses need kiting once in a while in SR, You can easly kite them with thermite mines since they also proc meteors, You can rebind ulzuins torch to them too for maximum effect.

Special Thanks to: @romanN1 for taking his time to listen to my stupid theorcrafting. And Official Community GD Discord. You guys rule.

EDIT:I could have gone further with SR, I was tired to do so been theorycrafting and running SR for past 10 hours.

EDIT2: GT Link for purifier version which could be better since everyone plays inqusitor now https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlbED7N


Good stuff! This kind of thing was my first exposure to GD AoM and it was a lot of fun (Pyro, though).

The gear has seen a lot of improvement tweaks in FG, so it looks impressive now.

I think you could carry a Hellborne (ranged) on weapon swap for some variety. Hellborne was actually the first practical legendary weapon that I found. This is one of those builds where swapping shouldn’t mess up your component buffs…but it might unsummon the Guardians due to surpercharging changes. Not only does it practically test that ranged and melee are fairly similar in GD, but occasionally it can be fun to snipe something from a hard-to-reach location in a Skeleton dungeon, etc.

yes but the special effect of brimstone is too powerful, but yes you can slap on any weapon and it still will be a good build

Indeed. But it can be fun to snipe Moose from complete safety. etc. Brimstone proc is very good, though.

Any special recommendations for levelling toward this one? Looks obvious enough, and lots of burning fun, but I’m not experienced enough to be sure I can run a sensible path myself. :slight_smile:

Demo is your friend, Start out as demo and move to cap fire strike. This will be your main ability to play around. as you get the mods of fire strike pick up demo auras and thermite mine. Lastly pick oathkeeper after you cap brimstone. I rushed to emporion bros for fire resist reduction then picked up the last auras and ascension.

Edit: idea is same with purifier aspect

Thanks! That is what I thought the path was, and it is nice to know I’m starting to pick up how this flows. Nice build BTW.

thank you mate


Why so many points in Presence of Virtue? How does this skill contribute to the build? Isn’t it usefully just for energy management? Sorry for a noob question.

it simply gives more OA

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, do you feel that the build is a bit squishy? I have one with more phys resist, more lifesteal, better resistances(pierce is capped in the game by craft bonus) a bit less health and DA than yours’ with better survival procs from medal and amulet, haven’t tested in SR or Cru yet but I get one hit from that Gargabol after ressurected. Twice. I couldn’t figure it out. Yes resistances are not much overcapped but I shouldn’t die that fast. Sheet dps 111k without proc buffs.

Here is my build - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0L6dJV