[] Warblades of Cairn - Bleeding Warlord/Witchblade SR 75+, Crucible 170 (+)

I used Ghoul cause without it build can die and isn’t much faster anyway.


The new speccs are for SR only. You would hate it in Crucible: Less RR and Terrifying of War Cry. :joy:
Warlord is a mean Crit Machine. :wink:

@Rhylthar, have you seen any updates to the build/gearing since 1.1.5 actually launched? I’m assuming not, but would prefer to ask since I’m just about to dig in to the witchblade version.

PS: thanks for doing the whole suite of bleed builds. I’m very interested to try one, and that is the best match I found for what I wanted. :heart_eyes_cat:

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No, sadly no new gear. I made a post about the new ring because it feels too…generic and isn´t really an upgrade to any of the builds.

Devotion-wise we got 2 % ADctH for free on Fox and I got a little fed up with the Ghoul/Revenant-Meta especially about Ghoul because a lot of the builds don´t have enough Pierce/Physical Damage to make Ghoul a real impact for my taste.

So I tried to implent Dryad where I can, sometimes with losing a little bit of RR and therefore damage but the results are quite good.

Witchblade is kind of nice, next to Trickster (my true love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and Warlord my favourite.

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I was more interested in the build after I read your comment to that effect. Thanks for confirming my belief that it didn’t really change from the pre-release version. <3

Can I ask what is almost certainly a stupid question? Why do we have Viper in the Constellation here?

Not stupid.

A) Blue and Red Points.
B) Energy Management.

Okay lol. I was wondering if everything I knew about the word “elemental” in Grim Dawn had been wrong this whole time.

Slightly different setup: GRIMTOOLS with Scales of Ulcama

Boots could be changed to Windshear Greaves for a little more Damage and DA (some points in Spirit are needed), slightly loss of Resistance Overcap.

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This one escaped my notice. Very cool use of hybrid phys and non traditional bleed playstyle with that much lifesteal.

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