[] WIP "Pure" Leftclick Build - Purifier


After years of playing builds found on the Forums i wanted to make a build myself. Back in TQ i played a character that only used buffs, passives and a left click skill. So my first build attempt is a ranged “Pure” Left Click Build. And yes, i know it would possibly be much more effective if i would add in active skills, but that’s not the point.

Here the Link to Grimtools of what i got so far:

With the Skills i’am pretty happy the way they are, but the Devotions could be optimized i think. Also i have no idea what gear would be suitable for the Endgame. Tips and suggestions are very welcome, as i’am pretty new to Buildcrafting. :slight_smile:

Since iam currently at Level 56 in the Elite play-through i cant say to much about “performance”. Currently its pretty easy. Most enemies i totally out leach and dont really have to kite. Crucible i did once up to Level 50, that was pretty much standing still and shiftklicking, i stopped because it was boring, not because i could not have gone further.

Greetz Elo

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FS mutator you’ve chosen works only for 1h MELEE, so it’s kinda useless

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Oops, updated the Link. Thanks.


This is a meme build btw needs to be tuned

I just wanted to update you on this. I was actually working on this build I have just posted a guide, [] Ulzin's Hellborne Shotgun Purifier SR 77

It is suprisingly good

good luck on your journey! my advice is for you to trawl through GT to put together what you think the is BiS for this concept that you have.

That way, you’ll have direction as you level, and you won’t end up with a weird mix of damage types and skills with 0 synergy

There you use active skills, which isn’t the point of the Build idea.

Thanks. Especially on the Devotions its pretty hard not to skill to many damage types and keep it clear of unused modifiers.

Yup. So right off the bat, you probably want to go lightning as spear of the heaven’s has an “on being hit” trigger

I’m guessing you use mobility runes? If so, you can use that to trigger something like revenant for RR.

This is probably going to be the biggest challenge for you to overcome - finding a reliable means to proc RR.

Are you even going to use thermite mines?

Censure will be infinitely better, assuming that you’ll do elemental dmg (which you should, unless you want to start using WoP and mines, which would kill the idea of the build)
You basically lower res by existing, and the build currently seems to struggle in that department

Currently i am trying to focus more on fire damage. I skilled Ulzuins torch in my char, which isn’t in the Built here yet, mainly because iam not sure how the devotions will look at the end.
I do not use the mobility runes, because that would count as an active skill in my opinion. Same goes for the mines.
I wasn’t sure which Aura was better, went with Conviction because of Burn damage, but now that i looked into it again, i think censure will be the choice. Thanks for pointing that out.

Current state of the actual Char(Don’t have that much time playing at the moment): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vxm3Q5Z

oh lol.

@banana_peel did up a purifier using agrivix set, and focused on using censure + vindictive flames to dish out the pain.

I have no idea how you’re going to proc RR though.

Maybe (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) scales of ulcama is the best constellation for you

Seems like Censure will be my main source of RR then.
Agrivix Set seems unfitting for this build.