[] Ulzin's Hellborne Shotgun Purifier SR 77

Hello again,

I love making weapon based builds so here is my second one with Hellborne Rifle.

[EDIT] GT Link : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXmBn32
I think Hellborne Rifle is pretty overlooked. Inqusitor WPS are amazing as well as the conversions from pyre rings they just snipe with chilling round or shotgun with storm spread.

I did SR 76 timed with 1 death. SR 77 untimed because couldnt figure out ravager.
With this build you should charge in and shotgun the bosses due to them being in your seal and you being in your seal turns the tables. If the boss is hard or ranged you can also range them no problem. I was farming 75s easy sometimes tanking 2 bosses at the same time because I am dumb and dont know how to pull.

[Edit] Forgot to Addin that build has %88 WPS
SR 76

SR 77

I am also hellbend to bring 2H builds back to glory.

[EDIT]https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXmBOg2 Added a GT link with 2630 DA since people pointed it out. with word of renewal DA comes to 2730

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You forgot GT link

Whoops, Thank you!

mobs can easly critical u with that DA u need at least 2700.

DA gets boosted by word of renewal buff but its not shown in GT 1600 is enough for me I didnt really feel the difference between 2700 and 2600

well based from what i know 2750 is the best

I generally tried to shoot for an effective DA of ~2900 (DA + monster OA shred) Some players feel comfortable with less others feel squishy at that level. I mean you can pilot builds with 2600 effective DA, if you play carefully + are very good at positioning/ watching debuffs. But generally playing with that low of DA isnt a good idea, unless you are gaining a large offensive power (damage boosts, crit damage, OA) in return for doing so

Some monster combos can down DA at 700 points
If you have 2700 it will be 2000 for 2-6 seconds

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worst case I just start kiting the mobs with dash

anyways swapped some devotions around got to 2730 with mid rolled gear prolly gets to 2800. Added the GT link to build if you want.

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yes and i must admit it u cant feel the difference between 2600 or 2750 or 2850 :confused:

i prefer have 2900da & 2500oa then 2900oa & 2500da