Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

Ok, thx the info. I don’t intend to add more build in the future, so i keep in this state. Further if i change one, i have to chage all my builds to add screenshoots, that i don’t have time now to do.

Not only GT down
Many people use smartphones and GT lagging on some devices

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You don’t have to update all of your old builds with screenshots, this is mandatory only for new submissions.

This is secondary.


  • [Ranged] [] (g5) (sr+) (vid) Mindy Simmons Paladin Retaliation Gunslinger (Greens) (omnitrio)

    • Damage: Physical, Internal Trauma
    • Active Skills: Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal, Horn of gandarr, Vire’s Might, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Ascension, Righteous Fervor
    • Passive Skills: Deadly Aim, Presence of Virtue, Resilience, Divine Mandate
    • WPS Skills: Bursting Round, Storm Spread, Smite
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Hi Stupid_Dragon, got another build for the compendium.

  • [Caster] [] (g3) (c+) (sr+) (vid) Pierce Runebinder Infiltrator (Plasmodermic)

    • Damage: Pierce
    • Active Skills: Chillspikes, Rune of Kalastor, Rune of Hagarrad, Ring of Steel, Word of Pain, Inquisitor Seal, Shadow Strike, Amatok’s Breath, Word of Renewal, Pneumatic Burst
    • Passive Skills: Aura of Conviction, Veil of Shadow, Blade Spirit
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  • [2H Ranged] [] (sr+) [Ulzin’s Hellborne Shotgun Purifier ] (Drakhan) ([] Ulzin's Hellborne Shotgun Purifier SR 77)
    Damage: Fire
    Active Skills: Fire Strike, Thermite Mines, Word of Renewal, Inqusitor Seal
    Passive Skills: Deadly Aim, Blast Shield, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Aura of Censure, Ranged Expertise
    WPS Skills: Chilling Rounds, Storm Spread, Bursting Round, Burning Void, Blazing Fury
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Use this sample

* <font color='YellowGreen'>[Ranged] [] (g5) (sr+) (vid) [Mindy Simmons Paladin Retaliation Gunslinger (Greens)]( (omnitrio)</font>

  * <font color='YellowGreen'>Damage:</font> Physical, Internal Trauma
  * <font color='YellowGreen'>Active Skills:</font> Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal, Horn of gandarr, Vire’s Might, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Ascension, Righteous Fervor
  * <font color='YellowGreen'>Passive Skills:</font> Deadly Aim, Presence of Virtue, Resilience, Divine Mandate
  * <font color='YellowGreen'>WPS Skills:</font> Bursting Round, Storm Spread, Smite

Thank you!

Veretragna no longer looks after the compendium. Stupid Dragon has taken it over.

Doesn’t matter to whom he responded, I read all posts in this thread anyway.

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Add this Pyro, please!

Hey, Stupid_Dragon, can you add this really hot one, please!

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Just giving you the heads up here, mate.

So the patch tag being part of the link and duplication of tags [g3][c+][sr] didn’t confuse you? :rofl:
That’s not ever mentioning that the brackets of (c+) and (sr) should had been round and g-tags don’t exist already.

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Hi Stupid Dragon, please add my builds!

[DW Melee] [] (mi) (c+) (vid) Vampire Bat DW melee Ritualist (Nery)

  • Damage: Vitality, Vitality Decay
  • Active Skills: Savagery, Bone Harvest, Ravenous Earth, Mark of Torment, Devouring Swarm, Wendigo Totem, Vampiric Shadows, Soul of Nazaran
  • Passive Skills: Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding, Mogdrogen’s Pact
  • WPS Skills: Reaping Strike, Necrotic Edge, Direwolf Claw, Burning Void x2

[Caster] [] (c+) (sr+) (vid) Lightning proc based Mage Hunter (Nery)

  • Damage: Lightning, Electrocute
  • Active Skills: Chain Lightning, Storm Box of Elgoloth, Aether Corruption, Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal, Displacement, Nullification, Mirror of Ereoctes
  • Passive Skills: Aura of Censure, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange
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I’m not exactly very bright :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be more careful moving forward

  • [DW Melee] [] (sr+) [Pestilence - Acid DW Dervish] (Drakhan)

    • Damage: Acid, Poison
    • Active Skills: Guardian of Empryion, Righteous Fervor, Acsension, Pneumatic Burst, Ring of Steel,Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Blade spirit
    • Passive Skills: Veil of Shadow, Presence of Virtue, Path of the Three, Envenomed WeaponsX2
    • WPS Skills: Belgothian’s Shears, Amarasta’s Quick Cut, Whirling Death, Execution
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  • [Caster] [] (mi) (sr+) (vid) Cloudy with a chance of DOOMBOLTS - Spam chaos DB pyromancer (afanasenkov26)

    • Damage: Chaos
    • Active Skills: Doom Bolt, BWC, Flashbang, Thermite Mine, Solael’s Flame, Blood of Dreeg, Displacement
    • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindicative Flame, Solael’s Witchfire, Possession, Aetherward, Severed Faith
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  • [Caster] [] (sr+) (vid) Sarah Silverman Purifier Shield Stun Jacks (No Greens) (omnitrio)

    • Damage: Lightning, Electrocute
    • Active Skills: Stun Jacks, Flashbang, Thermite Mine, Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal, Storm Box of Elgoloth
    • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Blast Shield, Deadly Aim, Aura of Censure
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Hiya dragon, finally got around to submitting this!

Whenever you get the chance mate

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  • [Caster] [] (sr+) (vid) Nikki McKenna Warlord Retaliation Throw Feces (No Greens) (omnitrio)

    • Damage: Acid, Poison
    • Active Skills: War Cry, Overguard, Vire’s Might, Presence of Virtue, Ascension
    • Passive Skills: Fighting Spirit, Counter Strike, Menhir’s Will, Field Command, Menhir’s Bulwark, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Resilience
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