[1.1.42 ] Uroboruuk’s Apostate

I redesigned my Character from an Uroboruuk’s Ritualist to an Uroboruuk’s Apostate. The Character has now better OA and DA. My life steal is now 39% base and moves up to 62% when Bloodthister is activated. Drain Essence is bound to Twin Fangs for Life Steal and i use Siphon Souls for more damage and life Steal.
Death Sentence and Aether corruption are used to lower Enemies Aether Resistances by -28% and -8% respectively and The Ascendants Wrath also lowers Aether Resistance to -20% on Critical Hits.
Drain essence Deals 160K Damage split between Aether and Vitality Decay at a 3/1 Ratio in favour of Aether.


My resistances are much better against freeze, trap and petrify.
Thank You sir spanksalot and Thank you Nery. Fantastic advice.


Nice build man, but isn’t Uro have full vitality to aether conversion? For vitality build Ritualist is great class but for aether Arcanist and Inquisitor are better support classes.

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Thank You sir spanksalot and Thank you Nery. Fantastic advice.

Please check the second page of character sheet, damage breakdown for Drain Essence.

Aether 17265 and Vitality Decay 5878.

See 100% vitality to aether conversion, you don’t have vitality damage. Vitality decay can’t be converted , since its DoT damage and aether damage don’t have DoT compartment.

I went for the Shaman for Wendigo Totem and for the Health benefits. Do you think i should redesign it to Arcanist for Aether damage. I originally built his second class as occultist and it was useless.

You should most certainly make him a spellbinder or an apostate. Nery did a very decent DE binder recently too, he can give you some great pointers.

@Fug: If interested, here’s my take on a vitality based DE cabalist. It’s not the best build because I was forced to use non-set pieces. I’m hoping the helm gets rebalanced to %DA instead of %CDR.


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Yeah, Spellbinder and Apostate are very good with that set. I know you tested vitality DE, right?

But credit to the author, I feel he selected appropriate items for the idea.

Vit DE just needs CC-res, and DA, and it’ll be in a perfect spot. Won’t be the strongest build, but seems reasonable for a jury-rigged non-set spec.

@Fug: Regarding the testing, I think nery was referring to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know you tested vitality DE, right? i do not understand

Sir Spanksalot have tried Vitality DE. I have played with aether version as Spellbinder. Here’s the link. [] Aether Drain Essence Spellbinder

Nice build. I have never seen that Abyssal Mask, and i have played for 5000 hours. That is one good mask. I really like your build.

It’s a recipe. Helms don’t normally drop.

BTW, feel free to test it more. Maybe you’d make it better. And if you do, go ahead and post it as a build on the forum!

I tried my best to stay away from greens, but I’m sure if you included some stoneplate boots, it’d really take the build to the next level.

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That is an excellent build. I am sorry, i really should not have posted my build as i am out of my depth here. I am a total armature when it comes to builds. I am certainly going to redesign him as a Spellbinder.

Let me stop you right there. Everyone and anyone is welcome to post their builds.

Nothing is too good, or too bad to be posted.

You just need to be open to feedback and criticism. 99% of the people I know here are direct, but well intentioned. They give criticism because they genuinely want to see your build improve, and not to mock it. <3

EDIT: @Fug - in fact, it’d be great if you keep posting. You could join the crafting community; we are a pretty welcoming bunch. :slight_smile:


You don’t have to feel sorry about that, mate! You can try aether version with Uro set or you can go for vitality build since you have already level 100 Ritualist.

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@Fug - One minor critique, because DE doesn’t have %WD, you don’t benefit from the adcth on haunted steel. I would recommend using seal of corruption.

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Oh thank you. That is a big deal. I am glad i posted the remade build.

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