[]SSF (MH) Newb Friendly Frickin Lazer Beams

Now first and foremost this is not a leveling guide. This has been done a million times, so giving credit mine is based off of @Nery lightning MH and I didn’t think I would ever post a build but couple pushes from our discord community(Which I strongly advise new people to join GD discord!) especially @romanN1 and here I am.
I like builds that use greens because farming them feels like winning a jackpot, believe it or not everyone one I found (I even have multiples of a few) nothing was GDstashed. I do however use grim internals so I save a spot close and teleport, relog, rinse & repeat. After this patch I 100% believe people should incorportate more greens into builds for newbs they are so easy to farm anyway, so many affixes are SO good now that ones that aren’t “BiS” are still really fucking good.


That is my current MH (GT isn’t updated yet but AAR is hardcapped) that whole Devo route came from @Nery

Key MI items / Farmables (I suggest using GI to teleport, dedicate just 1 day to farming these 3 I guarantee you get a combination that’s badass)

  1. Scepter from sister crimson found in Tomb of Sethan, a lot of affixes are awesome on this scepter, I really been trying for a Runecaster prefix and Scorched Runes Suffix
  2. Pulsing Shard from Almagation , Again a lot of sweet affixes to choose from. That fucker is way off the beaten path so use GI LOL
  3. Now this one is not “key” but I really dislike Dawnshard shoulders and chose Loggys from… Loggy… Easy boss to farm these for and a lot of the affixes are great

Now all of that is what you want to aim for in endgame of course, I do not know if AAR is good for leveling.
Now getting to crucible, Im extremely still new to crucible so I (ME) cant get under 6:30 mark (YET!) but this mad man @romanN1 has this tasty 5:29 using my copied character with unoptimized stuff

So I leave you folks with that, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out or step on any toes posting this. Special thanks to basis of my build to @Nery and the build community on Discord https://discord.gg/3w27Jt

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well no. Basically at lower levels and without certain items you don’t have the energy sustain and it just isnt that good as just going for some ranged shit from inquisitor with the wps and just spam that until you got items and levels to do this that you got. Which is op as fuck

Ya I would assume ranged guns / WoP or storm box would be easiest. I leveled mine the most painful way I could think of… PRM from 1-100 haha oh man it was rough

yes same story for prm energy problems especially at max cast speed.

Always nice to see guides and self found builds!

About leveling, the key is if you’re using energy hungry skill to invest not in the first node but in others, cause they usually are cheaper and still do damage. Problem with PRM is the number of nodes. AAR is good once you harness the energy cost. The damage is really sick! So maybe use either words of pain or Olexra+Fireblast from component first 40-50 levels and then switch to AAR.

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if you go aar even with the skill not maxed or the second skill more or whatever you do you will rely on quite a few items for energy sustain. I tried this and i wouldnt recommend anyone to go AAR at 50