[] The Clairvoyant Cabalist - Deadly Aether Bolt of Doom


While the Clairvoyant set is meant to be used by AAR Spellbinders and Warlocks, it provides the Doom Bolt with powerful buffs, and so I decided to make a build focused on the burst aether damage.

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GLzRJV


  • very high burst damage;
  • decent CC resistance, good resistances against all sources of damage, immunity to the skill disruption;
  • lots of lifesteal;
  • lots of resistance reductions;


  • weak armor (however, it is compensated by the damage debuff from Ravenous Earth and good physical resistance for a caster).


  • the Blood of Dreeg must always provide you with its buffs.
  • use the charge to evade hordes of dangerous enemies or to line them up for the Bone Harvest attack;
  • use the Doom Bolt only against heroes and bosses, ordinary mobs do not deserve to be hit by the aether lightning;
  • cast the Ravenous Earth under your legs when fightning enemies;
  • do not fight several Nemesises at the same time, when the Mark of Torment is on the cooldown.

Even Lokarr himself is pleased by the power of the Clairvoyant Cabalist in his domain:


That build can be represented as an analogue of the Prophet from Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (Doom Bolt ~ Lightning Bolt, Ravenous Earth ~ Squall, Bone Harvest ~ Distortion Wave).


interesting take on clair cabalist with the necro conduit. I would recommend trying to take points from dread and investing in ravenous earth. It also couldnt hurt to pull some stats from physique to spirit to further increase damage like so https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NX546O2

just my two cents, but i do like this build :smile:

Valinov, thanks.

The main reason I took the Ravenous Earth is its debuffs. The Dread gives more DOT to the Bone Harvest.

Foul eruption only works when your RE actually kills the target, so it only works consistently with RE as your main dps spell. Either fully max it out as valinov suggested or use Ill Omen instead for damage reduction. It is much better and more consistent at applying the reduced damage debuff now. And also needs less skill points.

Btw is reap spirit not worth any points, even with all the mutators? You could max it and Ill Omen instead of the RE line.

Edit: also seal of annihilation > seal of ancestry.

Aether doom bolt is one of the next chars i am likely to build.
I struggle with constellations though. Aether damage is kinda scarce.

Why did you take Dying god? Just because of the crit damage?

The Dying God boosts your offensive capabilities. More OA from nodes, more crit damage and vitality damage from the proc. When the Hungering Void is active, your Doom Bolt will have at least 2.0 crit multiplier (and that’s pretty important for a build which relies on the burst damage).

Oh man, Aether doom bolt! Cool idea! That’s something I’ve never seen before on here. (Though I could have missed it, it’s still testament to the originality of this build since most builds I see are done about 5 times different ways by different people). These are the ones that get my attention and inspire me to keep building. Thanks for sharing!