[] Wrath - Fire/Chaos Pyro Collection

Quick update cause I am heading out. Full chaos version is a monster with fancy gear! https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQDGLMZ 5:45 on the 1st run ^_____^ Build still performs well with blank bloodsworn gun and rahzin amulert, got 6:30

While I love that this build is a chaos/fire pyro, performs well enough for me, and does so in style I am really not happy with it either :rofl: Any and all suggestions are welcome! There’s lots of things to try in devotions especially and maybe gear too.

Grimtools - Belt has pierce res in 1.1.5!

Chaos/fire hybrid!
Is a pyro
Looks cool as hell

Relatively balanced damage output, but still more fire than chaos
Surprisingly squishy
Not as faceroll as your average 6-7m cruci build, gotta play at least a bit smart
Serious energy issues

Bonus morg reaper video. Don’t wanna post this since I’m sure other will do it better :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting concept. It looks decent.

The pants strike me as rather redundant with the skill disrupt. There’s not an alternative in some of the 1.1.5 stuff?

Also, if energy is an issue, you might switch to a conduit - that would also add a bit of health.

Or you’d have to drop Dead God in favor of some regen such as this: regen devotions or bard’s, etc.

bump for glorious chaos version / reserve post if needed for fire variant