[] 2H Meele/Caster Hybrid Conjurer 75-76 farmer/Celestials killer/sr100

Hello, it’s just remake of my meele Ritualist. Was working before on it too so I think it’s worth posting for some meele/hybrid gameplay fans. Conjurer heals more and hits more, either itemization is kinda easier to make and he is not so godlyrares dependent for highest performance. Kiting potential is better too.


It’s “G4” build but “G3” in practice. Rare belt just for conversion, I didn’t use “most possible op” option of affixes too, just good one. It is easier to get good one than Ring of Basti (1,67% drop rate and Basti has 25% chance to spawn I think so…) which can be needed for conversion. Try to farm some with resistances/OA/DA but even without it’s okay, just change Signet of the fallen for Mythical Signet of the Damned for more aether overcap. OA fix can be made with swapping auguments for Osyr’s temper 3x in jewelery and putting all points into cunning after getting requirements for armor.

Serenity can be crafted with DA/stun resists/freeze resistances if you have troubles vs Moosilauke.

I’ve tested few devotion routes but this old one from Ritualist worked just best. Ghoul is better than Wendigo here because it’s procs often (our life is jumping a lot but in safe spots) and I had around 15-20 seconds better times vs Ravager. Turtle can help us avoid one shots too.

BiS items would be some good rare ring/medal (Rylok Mark) with prefixes/suffixes like Thunderstuck, dranghoul etc. but I didn’t test it and all videos are with build from GT.

75-76 can be farmed with 100% consistency, most boss combos can be facetanked all at once, I suggest kite bosses from Moosilauke before you jump into him. Runs can be made from 10-15 min, there is no consistency in timers in SR, all depends of monster’s density, boss rooms, maps, teleport places etc.

Callagadra - around 3:15 if you don’t count kiting her to the wall (failed it) and pause midfight. Get some pierce overcap with other armor auguments, get pharma (not really possible without or very RNG dependent) and go. Very hard fight, skills must be timed well.

Ravager of Minds - always around 2:20, no changes in setup, no pharma, even health potion is not needed at all.

Fastest kill on Ravager with specialized setup with rares was 1:23 but it’s more like a curiosity.

SR 100 example run, some OA/DA pharma can be needed vs some bosses and going 95-100 checkpoint may need many restarts, it’s RNG dependent build so high. Alexander should be kited in sr 100 (he can one shot us meele sometimes), Kubacabra too, Grava’thul and Kaisan is very dangerous, rest bosses are okay. I’ve died here 2 times because my misplays in skills timing, was very tired during recording. Chunks before boss rooms are hell, it’s very easy to die here and Gazer boss can stop us, our dueling potential is far better.However I don’t recommend going so high with that build, after some time it’s not fun and you have no rewards for it. I want to just present how good survivality we have. Potential BiS rare version should have easier times because better OA/DA ratio and resistances.

Everything, I am open for suggestions as always as I am not the best min-maxer and I trust in your knowledge guys :wink:



Just want to know one thing. What is pharma?


Try this, I think it should be a DPS/defence gain

~25% more flat damage

Pharma: All consumables with the exception of health/energy pots. (e.g. courageous tincture, aether clusters, etc.)

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@Quortquo as sir_spanksalot said, just temporary buffs from potions, needed her only vs callagadra and some bosses in 95-100 range, otherwise doesn’t matter.

@sir_spanksalot that looks nice! Gotta check this on my Ravager dummy :smiley:

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said NO ONE ever in this forum :rofl:

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Haha, he is nice boss for single target DPS check and balanced compared to Callagadra, either he hits back so I can check if some per hit devotions makes me hit harder :smiley:

E: Could you check binding skills to devotions?

Edit for the second time: You were right, squeezed 5 seconds better time, I think I can do more with more focusing and calculating skills for every second :sweat_smile: Gotta do more test on the evening and made an update to OP.

Oh that’s a tough one…

Usually Bat goes on pox because it nets you sustain while you kite. But if you’re testing it against ravager…it’s not very effective.

Hmm…Gimme a moment


I changed around your devotions a little to net you 1% more AS, and 3% more phys res.

Changed living armor for scaled hide for 98% armor absorb.

I also think amatok’s breath is BiS since you have perfect conversion.

Regarding bindings…this is what I’d do if I was doing celestials or deep SR: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV18Ddm2

If I was doing crucible, I’d bind rattosh to savagery, bat to pox, and revenant to sigil.

I don’t particularly enjoy using devouring swarm to proc devotions, because if you don’t succeed in proccing it, you need to spam it again.

Also…does sigil help a lot with this build?

I wonder if dropping it for transmuted storm totems + wild whisper conduit = better DPS?

Seems to me like you don’t need the sustain

Swarm works nice for revenant imo because DOT proc skeletons too, not only single cast, reason I’ve binded savagery to Dying god is this 5 seconds window. CoF works for 10 seconds so I’m trying to calculate it usually if I am focused (like BP/Swarm cast 2 times, then CoF, this rotation) so I can squeeze more autoattacks which deals most damage here.

Yes, it provide good sustain and deals decent damage, in highest sr I was clearing chunks basically with it + totems, just focusing on trash monsters, then fighting meele with heroes. Either I made mistake one time vs Moosilauke and Kaisan in 75-76 runs and was perma freezed but Sigil binded to bat killed them when I was not even autoattacking and was totally stuck :rofl:

Tested totems (transmuted is not needed because of 100% conversion) but they deals nothing and impaired aim from occultist conduits is great for 1vs1 because it works vs bosses too what I’ve read.

This build is squisher than it looks like, just leeching is very strong from savagery :smile:

Are you sure? I’m pretty certain DoT’s do not proc devotions

That’s true. Usually CoF’s AoE is so big, that you hit multiple things, more or less garaunteeing you a DG proc.

Even with 60% phys res?

Revenant spawn two skeletons per hit, but when I cast swarm on dummy I spawn 4, two every 2 seconds so it seems working? Or there is some other mechanic behind it?

In 75-76 it’s unkillable, didn’t die once with it in multiple runs but in higher sr I have to be very careful, every enemy is serious threat. Can be solved with good rares probably, going like 3.3k OA, DA, more res overcaps, more damage etc It’s not hard to be oneshotted, especially at initiation from enemies like Fabius, that’s why Turtle do good job here.

I dunno…hmm. If possible, can you test it with something like a dash rune?

E.g. violent rifts or amatok’s breath.

IIRC, DoT’s shouldn’t proc skeles.

My guess is that devouring swarm applies a debuff which ticks once a second, thereby causing* the devotion to proc. If that’s the case, maybe COF will work the same way?

P.S: How good is turtle?

Amatok’s breath spawns 2 of them, swarm/pox spawns 4, looks like skill which deals damage for time (not Dot mechanic exactly maybe or it’s about bleeding?) can proc devotion, similar to bat.

Btw. Rune of displacement is better than every charge rune vs Grava’thul because you can teleport through his nullify in straight line, it’s impossible with charge.

Probably yes, Cof proc dying good very nice (testing it in dummies right now), should be better than savagery.

It has 100% chance to proc on 45% hp so it’s good before you start really leeching at initiation, life is jumping here like crazy so it works - either Ghoul has double it’s cooldown so it’s next mechanic to save us before second cycle.

E: I think Scales of ulcama can be nice too but I don’t know if it’s better than turtle and how to squeeze it here. I’ve tryied some similars devotion routes with SoU instead of revenant for RR but it doesn’t end well, ravager kill was like 30 seconds longer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

scales is still bad. Only good if you need energy

Probably due to debuffs.

Oh, I charge past grava before he fires his ball. He has about a 1s cast animation, which is more than enough time to move through him

Puzzle solved :sunglasses:

I am doing same with better tanks, here it’s sometimes dangerous to facetank for 100% time so if you hug the upper wall in conclave boss room and he starts to casting it in mid place you can kite it to one corner, then jump through it. His nullify got range something like it:

That’s why I prefer teleport runes on casters.

Vitality builds are so suited for deep realms, congrats on adding another monster to the collection! Two things, though:

  1. No Boomerang relic? I can hear @sir_spanksalot crying in the corner, hugging the wall :smile:

  2. Ravager is your test dummy? WoW :astonished:


The two of you…


Thank you! That’s right, just dark one set is top tier for sr, works both for meele and casters, there is not even one build in forum with it which is not over average in realms :smiley:

I just love serenity, it’s so good allround relic for sr with great possible modifiers, +1 all skills/chaos + aether res and this additional defensive proc :smiley:

He gave me consistent times and he is nice simulation for some meele hitters in +90 shards, either fighting him is fun compared to Callagadra which makes my heart racing :frowning_face:

@Maya welcome in Ravager’s sadist club :rofl:

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I dunno… I feel like ravager is too niche of a standard to use.

Plenty of good builds out there can’t do ravager, but can excel in late game challenges

That’s just my opinion though. It’s probably smart to use it to for deep shard testing

You are right mate, I didn’t mean he is standard thing for testing :sweat_smile: Just something like pets/deeper sr builds will kill him usually, so he is not that bad “dummy” for them, especially meeles who can facetank him whole fight. Like mad queen or lokarr can be used for more glasscannon characters.

He is good “simulation” (not with 100% accuracy ofc) for some enemies in deeper shards, although over 95 meele bosses can hit harder than him.