[] Demorgogoneth - 2H/DW Cold Shadow Strike Infiltrator

None at all. Nighfall leeches everyone at 80%. But ofc I dropped the Seal of Skies/Night idea after the first test. Melee. Especially when all wps are at rank 5 for 1p.

Yeah, it’s amazing how different the playstyle is. Total freedom from the fucking banner.

I see you leave bottom right unbannered. Any particular reason? Also, I’m struggling to choose which side to attack first on which wave.

Yeah, that’s why I really lke this setup as I usually dont run with banner. :smile:

Because I noticed that I rarely go to that side for chasing any mobs.

My usual routine:

  • 154: go to kuba/kaisan spawn point first to rage them up, then if kymon go to the center herding them all , If thalonis, go to him and let the others follow you.

  • 155: if allostria, chase and kill her 1st form, then kill the others. If ishtal, just stay at the center.

  • 156: aggro larria first at bottom left, then go to janaxia and let the other follow you.

  • 159: Aggro sentinel first and go to the center. Kill Avris later if he spawned.

  • 160: kill the usual bottom left nemesis first

  • 161: Some ppl like to kill alek first, but I usually kill the healer from top right first, then go to alek.

  • 162: Herd them all to the center, enraged madqueen, kill others, and go back to madqueen to finish her off.

  • 163: aggro the mob at top left first, then go to the center. Before killing malmouth trio, try to kill timewarped heroes and healer first.

  • 165: kill the usual bottom left nemesis first.

  • 169: kill whatever in the bottom left first, than kill korvaak/theodin, then anasteria.

  • 170: kill the usual bottom left nemesis first.

Weird. That’s where most aggro bugs come from for me. Except the ugdenplants blocking top-left.

Hmm… I always go to Sentinel far enough in case it’s Avris so that she could step into the banner range. As soon as she does I jump her because all others are melee and follow (except Igorr)

I think with 4+3 it’s better to kill the healers. Alex will teleport there quickly. And I never had aggro issues so you can stay there the whole wave. Plus you’re there for 162 to kill the Wendigo boss first quickly before going for MQ (I’m used to playing glass cannons casters so I rarely just full facetank MQ - especially Boxing her is suicide, just get her to half and gtfo, hope AoE will get the rest of her)

Yeah, most of that is like with Vanguard banner. Most action in the center and bottom-left.

Honestly it’s because I rarely go to bottom right. Or maybe you can try to put the 3 beacons except top left, and see if it’s better.

That could work also. That suggestion above is because I notice if I stay with sentinel too long, all other bosses just gang me up at bottom left, just like typical nemesis wave.

Imo I leave top right corner unbannered, because I have the tendency to play bottom left/center. The only two waves which can change your idea to come north are 153 Allostria and 161 healers if you don’t have enough burst damage against Alex or you’re playing aether/acid.

I also often rush MQ bottom right on 162 and definitely rush Anasteria 169. She’s by far the most annoying enemy and you can disable her very quickly. Especially if Krieg and Teo spawns.

@ya1 I have to say that not all builds are better with this setup. Maybe the ones without any AoE damage and the builds with massive AoE that can face tank in the middle benefits the most. For example RahZin is great with beacons, so it’s Mortars. But my cold DW Reaper is faster with 3+1 for example.

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Nah, it’s not for me. Getting better times in classic 3+1. Can’t teach old dog new tricks. Or maybe it’s as Nery just said, good old AoE glass cannon dps machines are better with Vanguard.

BTW I just posted this.

Added DW Version with Nex&Ortus in the second post:


Cruci Clear time with 4 Buff + 3 L1 storm beacons:

5:15 min clear time.

Good job for the great runs and love the build too!
I’ll just leave this here :grin:

Good stuff on the medal. I had forgotten about it.
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnbpzgN Hit almost 4k OA with deadly AIM up :eyes:

Reaper? I presume that will be with Vanguard banner, because I can’t do run with banner… :laughing:

If you use that green MI, replace that boots with something that supporting cold/elemental damage. Because you have already cap NJE without venomspine boots.

yes, its vanguard. Still saw 1700k without it :D.

Sooo anyone knows how hard was this hit with the nerfs - i am still farming for the gloves and need to know should i stop :slight_smile:

The hardest Nerf is the removal of flat CDR from full set bonus.

Morgoneth should still be strong. Full purple version should still in 5.30 clear range or a bit more than that, while 2x gdstashed loxmere should still be in sub 5 minutes clear.

I haven’t tested the build again though. Want to explore new things and pet stuff… :laughing:

How do you like Cataclysm change? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you intend to use new items - Cryptstalker or Gates to many worlds?

Btw Gate to hell sounds like a cool idea for chaos item’s name.

Finally got the full set and decided to invest full day in enjoying this in SR, so here are my 2 cents on its performance.

I did over 35 SR runs - combo of 65-66 and 75-76, maybe more - was hoping for a new legendary to drop there but not even one…

Anyway the build is ultra fragile (expected) but doesnt compensate with insane kills speed.
I tried both versions with Soulrend and Winter King - second is times more durable and it feels kills faster (due to -18% RR aura i assume). However during those runs i have died like 80+ times - most of the time you just get insta gibbed and you canot react. In portal boss arena unless you get easy combo you are toast. Once i got mad queen, fabious and some others but i died to those 2 like 30+ times - Fabius 1 shotted me every single time.

I feel like a Reaper would be much better than Infiltrator with this set - dont have one and cant try though but it should have much more HP not to mention MoT but that is just me.

Anyway from doing so many runs i think SR now is horrible from efficiency perspective vs Crucible. The number of viable builds who can reliably farm it is small and with the increase of time penalty it is quite easy to lose the 2 chests (like 25% of your income). Then there is always the impossible boss combo or all 4 getting agroed for some reason - insta restart and loss of time.

Thanks for the build and good luck with your next ones.

Also whoever says Morgo is OP should play this in SR instead of the easy mode Crucible then come speak again. And no agro abuse :slight_smile: Morgo needs some defence buffs in the form of flat HP and some phy resist.

Hi Glimpse, thanks for testing the build with SR. I havent played SR for a long time and cannot comment much :sweat_smile:, however I think @ya1 and @banana_peel test it, and they build it even glassier than mine with no inquisitor seal.

Obviously the build need aggro abuse to complete SR, they said that SR will be much easier than cruci when done that way. No aggro abuse means you will need a much higher tanky spec than this. Morgo got the armor, but no phys res and HP, so yeah…

Regarding Bane of the Winter King vs Soulrend, if there is no change to winter king, then the former is the obvious choice. Winter king even give HP that you need.

BTW, if you are using this build, ditch ch’thon and embrace korvaak. Dying god is not worth the trouble anymore with the further nerf and negative health regen and the dreaded terrify retal. Korvaak is better offensively and defensively. Also replace the medal with mark of dark dreams.

Dying God is dying and you need band aid, umm actually Celestial body parts instead? :sweat_smile:

I like visually Korvaak’s proc. Maybe after Targo’s hammer, Spear, Meteors and Fist of Vire but still top seed.

Thanks for the feedback as well - from min-max side of things doesnt your OA get a hit if you move to dark dreams - essentially giving you -2% more RR and DA (which i have already ~3k), also those 2 points of Censure give you 2% less dmg done against you - what am i missing here?

On Korvaak - honestly i have never tried it - what would you sacrifice to get those 18 blue points?

DG is overnerfed and at least it should loose the negative hp loss to compensate.

On mobile at the moment but… (Never mind the brain fart this initially was. Missed the 2h detail)

Sailor / lizard
Ultos (less the chaos res node)
Korvaak (less crit damage node if you want sailor)

This goes 1 extra blue, but I didn’t see a better place to put that point than opting for sailor over lizard. If chaos res is desperately needed you can sacrifice sailors for the ultos node.

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Dark dreams give extra range and damage to VoS, making killing mobs faster. Also extra DA n Spirit giving more damage. Through testing, pushing the OA to almost 4k is not worth the trouble. Spirit and %damage giving much more value.

You can swap spider to scholar’s light + hawk if you want.

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