[] Jaxxon's Bloody Blades - Dual-wield ranged Pierce/Bleeding Infiltrator ~5:50 average 170 clear (c+)(sr+)

There have been many concepts that try to blend pierce and bleed damage together over the years, but none quite like this one.

I’ll update this post and a couple of my others tomorrow after work. I’m too tired to put any time into this post now

Obligatory tag for @Rhylthar on a bleed build

The Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0XE0RV



Good job mixing bleeding&pierce and utilizing this gun, sick result!

Nice one. :slight_smile:

Ulcama for Energy Management? And did you test an insane-rolled Viper Hemorrhager (Heart Piercing of…) though I doubt it is better than Bloodborer?

Ah, the power of conversion…

It’s hard to beat bloodborer mods tho. You’re spitting 495% weapon damage every 3 seconds with it,

Just loud thinking. I tried to build a Bleeding Vindicator with Bloodborer and Hemorrhager…but it wasn´t viable.

But I am not the best player/builder when it comes to ranged builds. :wink:

Yeah bloodbore is BiS probably just because of the skills and PB mods.

Also update will have to wait another day.

Love this concept, valinov!!!

love love love <3

how much work do you think the bleed is doing here?

It doesn´t seem much but the proccs and skills will stack up nicely. Living Shadows, Falcon Swoop, Phantasmal Blades, Circle of Slaughter, Blade Spirits…

I would change devotions and take the 2 points from Spider and finish Huntress (33 Bleeding) and take first node in Chariot.

Full bleed stacks on a crit, depending on the mob, can go in the 250-275k range. Normally it is lower though, in the 100-125k range for crit ticks. It certainly is a respectable portion of the dps. I probably could get more out of the bleeds by changing my devotion bindings a bit and altering my playstyle. I really feel like the build can go faster even if I played it more. I only had the time for a few runs, and the playstyle is rather different than what I’ve been testing otherwise lately.

I tinkered around a little bit, made a few changes here and there (not much): GRIMTOOLS

A little less sheet damage, but you still got 5 crafted items. Get all of them with Physique and DA would go up more (if you want to; your OA Shred with 350 is quite good :wink: ) or you can dump some more into Cunning for more damage.

I forgot to comment on this one. This is pretty incredible, that this stuff works and works so well. Great job! I would even say: blood piercing awesome!

I’m leaving work early for once!! First thing im doing when I get home is updating this post and my targo dervish a bit

Edit scratch that, watching an episode of the Witcher and then taking a nap on my couch first :sweat_smile: