[] Morgoneth set DW melee auto attack Reaper, Gladiator 5.50 on average!


Chill Reaper anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So people already stated to post Morgoneth builds, usually casters or Shadow Strike build. Here though I use my favorite Chillstrife weapons and create auto attacking build. Actually set is not meant for that and gloves have no attack speed but I have ice in my heart, I mean veins so that’s pure DW melee.

There was nice discussion about the set, tag @LeftY_CRO to see it.


  • Permanent buffs and charged Lethal Assault and Soul Harvest

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g7AbY2


Key is new set but also:

  • Weapons - 2x Chillstrifes, I use the best possible rolls, but I have published few builds with legit drops. Very good weapons, probably my favorite item in the game.

  • Belt - Gargoyle for vitality>cold conversion, last piece of MI in the build. Affixes are not that important. Conversion, +1 Nightblade and slow is so so good.

  • Relic - Deatchill for massive flat cold. Build isn’t super points hungry, so no problem with that. And also attack speed bonus is fine.

  • Pants - Barbaros, nice proc and stats. Good rolled Kuba might be BiS.

  • Boots - Cold boots with physical and slow resistance.

  • Jewels - Classic DW Nightblade selection.

  • Medal - The best medal for cold DW Reaper, every part of it is very good!

Devotions are typical for cold DW melee with little twist, I seleceted Spider for stats, especially attack speed is crucial.


Beronath’s fury backed by exactly 100% WPS skills, good OA, AoE damage from Ultos and Amatok devotions.


Good DA and OA shred, massive life steal, MoT for bosses, Ghoul and Diamond as fail safe mechanisms. So solid build.


Ill Omen have very nasty CC effect against trash, you have to chase them around, also it’s not the best method of applying RR but I will take it.

Unlike most builds, here you don’t have craftable gear :face_with_monocle:

Build lacks ranks in both Soul Harvest and Lethal Assault and still works fine :man_shrugging:


Crucible is working the best with 3 buffs and 1 fully leveled Vanguard banner. Build is solid, but Kuba can create trouble for any DW melee, also burst damage can be dangerous.

Times are around 5:50 on average but big margin between fastest and slowest times. Here’s video 5:25!


and out comes the double chillstrife :rofl:

Have you considered only using it only* on tankeir enemies?

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Yeah that’s an option but you lose -25% RR. Shadow Strike is nice cause you can zap enemies that run away so at the end RR is better(tested it)

Dual Chillstrifes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What I suggest instead of applying ill omen on trash is to use amatok’s breath (it’s hands down the best mobility rune).

Let your DoT from nightfall and BH take care of the trash for you.

This should be especially effective when DW because you double your chance to crit.

So…SS in, charge out. Go to the next mob.

Amatok is neat idea, especially if your focus is SS(first build I played in FG), so I am aware of it. Yeah maybe should try it. Displacement isn’t as important here as it is playing casters.

nice one sir! me gusta ^^

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my guess is that amatok’s breath will net you greater single target DPS. Furthermore, being more mobile is never a bad thing on glass cannons because you spend less time travelling.

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What? :face_with_monocle:

This ain’t no vitality DW melee, this here is solid. Just see the RoS freeze, combined with MoT and Nightblade RNG based defenses, all lead to synergy and safety.


Right. Wrong choice of words.

I meant to say - “high DPS specs,” not glass cannons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, IMO displacement REALLY shines on specs with incredible range, and good staying power - e.g. stormbox vindicator.

That way you can plant your ass on the middle of the map, dump SB on everything, tp to another spot with stragglers, repeat that process as you gather things into one big clump.

But watching your video here, trash mobs just get vaporized almost instantly. So you really want to be on the hunt

lol no idea whats going on in that youtube but its ripping things several of new unwanted assholes so well done!

The video is blurred because ripping asses requires censure, 18+ :smile:

But yeah, that thing is fast and I know how to pilot DW melee builds. If it were Spanks Retal build, I will look like total noob.

You know what i wont blame you. Infiltrator is so stat poor for DW melee but double RR aura makes all the difference in the world. RR aura is the first surviving tool for melee these days. And you have 87% of it.

I wanna like your build but i also wanna see weapons that exist in this world :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Probably wont make it much slower cause RR is whats important here.

Also i suggest this devo route:

Imo consistent attack speed and dps are more important for survival than Ghoul. And you have so much life steal with so much RR you heal off every hit to the full anyway.

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Not from this world? I will update my budget Infiltrator soon and will tag you to see my legit daggers :ok_hand:

I like this devotion route but DG crit damage is very good cause I lack it, also Yugol with no conversion is not much damaging, Leviathan is even better, but I have tested so many routes on DW melee so won’t be surprising if it turn out to be faster, will try it.

Also if i were you i’d try a 22/12 Nightfall, you have some skills to rearrange. Not every day you get to have 1600 3sec dot AoE on a melee char.

superfluff did it iirc. it was :muscle:

What are some alternatives I could use for these super rare weapons? And perhaps also the belt?

Belt is more or less must, Necro have so much flat vitality damage, so need conversion.

Any Chillstrifes with attack speed will do the business but if you want other options you can take dual Chillhearts for example.

Thanks so much. I’m new to the game and started with a physical cadence tactician but now I want to try a melee build and this ones looks super fun.

Do you think it’s viable even though I don’t have all the pieces? Meaning do you think this is viable to build and also farm the missing items?

Well if you want cold DW melee build you probably have better options like Infiltrator or Trickster but Reaper is possible too.

All cold DW builds are not limited to gear, there is plenty of cheap gear around, even the weapons with weaker rolls can be farmed fast.

Also blue items provides cover, stuff like Elemental Harmony rings or Silver Sentinel set. So it’s your call. Depends if you want to play something that will lead you to easier level 100/farming process or you want to role play specific class. Cause if you like cold Reaper, even if you don’t have the required gear you can still play it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much.

I’m not too picky about it specifically being cold DW, as long as it looks fun. I only leveled 1 character to 100 so I’m just looking at trying something different and exploring more of the game!

People have been sooooo friendly and helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to a newbie like me :slight_smile: