[] Quantum supremacy - 100% Cunning? YES 3000 Cunning 100% Deadly Belgothian Blademaster

GRIMTOOLS : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV97MjnN
About this build: Fully optimized items and DEVOTION, just a PERFECT meme version. Absolutely PERFECT.
But any suggestion is appreciated too :smiley:
Credit to superfluff for his base build :slight_smile:

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Few things I don’t get in this one:

  • Components. Shouldn’t Bloodied Crystals offer more effective hp than Runebound Topazes here? Also, Chains of Oleron. If you are going for damage than skull is definitely a better option here. In fact, two Sanctified Bones
  • Great Pants. I think proc is still slowing this kind of build down. So either another fantasy green or Arcane Harmony Leggings, imo, would be better.
  • Not taking racial damage nod in Assassin. Almost a criminal offense for a full glass cannon Belgo.
  • Pretty sure Whirling Death is superior to AQC even with mod from the weapon.
  • Direwolf might still be better if you want maximum speed in Crucible
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Isn’t Chains of Oleron Primarily for that Big OA boost? I mean those kind of Blademasters want MOAR crits anyways for devotion procs and to make better use of build in crit multipliers in the WPS :thinking:

Is that Assassin’s Mark bound to Markovian Advantage?

OA scales poorly beyond 3500 mark (you gonna have close to 4000 with Crucible blessings). After that it’s just diminishing returns and any investment in any other form of offense because 100 times more valuable than OA. He also has 33% crit damage, so there is that.

oh shi

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  • Bloodied crystal is good but i want a bit more hp. Okay 1 Sanctified Bones in head slot is better.
    But that Chains of oleron is a must have imo. You want more and more OA due to its overall effectiveness to a crit mutiplier base build. Although at high level it’s not linear increases but in this build if you don’t have 50% chance to crit then your OA is not good enough.

  • Great pant is a great choice because of its 100+ cunning and 100+ spirit. Another green don’t have 100+ spirit which is the key to 0 spirit build. And Arcane Harmony Leggings don’t have 100+ cunning which is necessary for 3k cunning build xD (In this there already is very high level of cunning mutiplier)

  • Ya i can take that assasin node at the cost of Living shadow proc node

  • It is said that Wirling Death is huge DPS loss when you fight 1 vs 1 against boss. But in crucible it is good though.

  • Nice i will try that direwolf :no_mouth:

Would you give some better suggestion to my devotion binding? That shifting sand proc have 0.5 sec cooldown so i think it’s good to bind it to my weapon. Then assasin mark take the second best chance to proc which is bound to Markovian Advantage xD How will you optimize it? :upside_down_face:

I always bind AM to main attack. Some believe that Azrakaa Sands to main attack yields more damage. I think for Crucible for faster clearing AM to main attack is better. For Shattered Realm (not that your build is built for SR but still) Azraka to main attack and AM to Spirits is better since you are going to be having prolongued boss fights.