[] Shattered Sky Fragments, a 90% Lightning Eastern Druid ~6min gladiator (g4)(c+)


This build is highly inspired by @Plasmodermic’s 90% converted TSS cold druid. After seeing that build, I got to thinking can I build a pure lightning version of this? The result is this 90% converted lightning build that’s also chock full of proc goodness.


Why this build over the myriad other TSS druids already out there?
For starters:

  • Can go over +3000% lightning damage depending on the affixes of your shoulders and high rolls on gear. (I personally have around 2950%)
  • 5 TSS shards
  • Average 75% and max 90% cold to lightning conversion means your TSS and Wind Devils are converted to the damage that’s focused on. Conversion coupled with super high lightning damage, all that damage stacks up.
  • Almost every offensive skill has a devotion attached. More procs = more fun.

Con is this build is glassy AF. You’ll constantly be kiting and letting your WD and totems do the work while you throw TSS on cooldown.


All perm buffs up

~6min 4 blessings gladiator win

Not my best run but it works

Alternate Gear

Eastern set, Trozan hat, Spark of Ultos, Ascendant Shoulders and Starfury amulet are irreplaceable.

Shoulders: Ascendant Pauldrons
The shoulders are core to the build but I intentionally left the affixes on the GT link empty to show that you only need the base item for the build to work. Any extra stats you get from the MI is gravy. Highly suggested suffix is Fallen Skies for the mini TSS proc.

You can go 2x Coven Sky Seal or 2x Mythical Storm Witch. I’d love to go 2x Storm Witches if the stats on your shoulder affixes can cover for the lack of Sky Seal.

I picked Stormtitan for the resistances and damage reduction proc but Stormbearers is a solid alternative.

Stoneplate Greaves
Craftable and it is golden with Fallen Skies suffix.

Medal: Mythical Direwolf Crest
Strong option that enables dual wield and comes with higher OA and racial damage against beast. I wanted to push lightning damage as high as possible so I went Korvaak.


Nice build, glad to see the opposite version works well too. You should go 14/12 Inner Focus imo.

As far as survivability goes, Ghoul will provide you with a lot more than solemn watcher. Even without an off hand you still have a lot of CDR and it will put in a lot of work. Also 12/12 Mirror worked really well with my build and should also work well here. At the very least go to 7/12.

Have you tried Ring of Anubar? I wanted to use it in my build, but I needed the extra points from my rings. With your eastern set and lightning itemisation you don’t have that problem so the rings should put in some decent work here. Another alternative is actually double invoker’s rings for the casting speed and extra damage. Or even Time-Flux band to help with the slow resist too.

Also I personally like Spider plus green crossroads over Hawk + Scholar’s Light when cast speed is that low.

Some good advice here. I’ve incorporated some of it here https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkOp3qN

Can’t get rid of Watcher without tanking my DA. Also need the pierce res while I don’t have Ring of Anubar yet. So Tsunami and Jackal have to go to make room for Ghoul. Kinda sad having to lose Tsunami. The proc is strong especially since its converted and kill times slowed without it. Build is noticeably tankier with Ghoul though still pretty glassy compared to other casters I’ve played.

Ring of Anubar is definitely a strong choice. Nice proc with much needed resistances. It hasn’t dropped for me yet but I can replace Coven Sky Seal for it. Shocking Touch gives much needed cast speed and build feels more responsive with it on though I’m pretty comfortable with only around 140% cast speeds on CD casters. Its storm totems that have the slowest cast speed here. TSS and WD come out really fast regardless of speed and these 2 skills are my bread and butter.

Magi rings in general have really sh!t tier drop rates. In comparison, I already have 2 Nightbringers and those things are supposed to have a 2% drop rate.