[] The Apostash - Pure Vitality Piano Apostate - 5:30 Crucible [g5][c+][vid]


I’m back with another green monstrosity. If you’re playing legit and don’t want to GD stash your gear then stay away from this one. This is a piano caster with full vitality conversion on all its damage with multiple pieces of active RR, prepare your fingers for spamming.



Affixes are BiS and practically impossible to obtain. Craft for slow resist. Make sure you highroll for 100% pierce and elemental conversion.


Character sheet with permanent buffs and Word of Renewal.


This was my fastest run with the average being around 5:30. It can be fairly fragile, so be ready to mark of torment when necessary. It’s pretty reliable when you get the hang of it. It could be made faster by dumping some spirit, but I already felt kind of dirty with all the greens so I didn’t do it.