[] Bone Appetit! Vitality CDR Bone Harvest Oppressor - massive damage, Crucible 170/SR 75/Ravager no consumables

Awesome I will check it out, thanks!
edit: Figured it out already, looking forward to this :smiley:

Dual wield Cold Bone Harvest spammer + Blade Spirit Reaper with buffed Dreadweavers scepters concept

I’ve just planned it but realized I’d still prefer OP build so I’m leaving it here.
Maybe someone will do something with it or just would like to have a look.

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The new medal can be incorporated if one would like the build to be more Vire’s Might focused. I choose not but it is an alternative.


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I think this medal will fit better in Rothgeist set. Actually when look for new MI items completely missed that one, so many stuff to try. Some will be OP, some will be tough to use in a build.

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I think I’ll use it because I have Tectonic Shift 12/12 anyway. And 15%/12% Reduced Target Damage from items so I’ll remove Ravenous Earth and bind Twin Fangs to Vire’s Might or Guardians. I even have maxed out Clarity of Purpose.

The Vire’s Might has 1.56s cooldown and 265% Weapon + 650 Vit damage. Not too shabby.

Still your version is better but I like the Vire’s Might part and it makes the build less caster more knight imo.

It’s looking good!

Also your DA is higher than mine, so you can afford to lose the DA
from Ghol’s set bonus.

And medal can roll vitality damage and improve the build, nice!

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Omg. In the grimtool I linked Soul Harvest is at 21/12. And I had 1 spare point that I didn’t know what to do about so I put it to Judgment.

But then I looked at Soul Harvest and you only needed to invest 15/16 to max it out before!

So I still can have 22/12 Soul Harvest and everything is tight literally to the point. This is a sign it has too be this way :rofl:

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I noticed 21/12 SH and I was ‘‘that’s the price you pay for the medal’’. Nope still 22/12 :slightly_smiling_face:

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In Diablo 3 it was also my favorite build. The difference is that you didn’t alternate Charge and Slam but you had to Charge 5 times in between every Slam to maximize damage potential because every Slam ate 5 stacks you were accumulating one by one with every Charge. The Slam damage was proportional to the number of stacks it was eating, to the maximum 5. You also needed lots of Cooldown. Oh, and charge didn’t do any damage.

Hey tq,
I agree this kind of build does have promise!

I was tinkering with something similar, but I opted to go heavier on Blade Spirits by completing the Chillwhisper set and took a different set of devotions (went for Leviathan instead).

It feels kinda of weird since this build has the kind of gear that could have easily just been a Drain Essence - Reaper instead - but at the same time I think this kind of build still seems very strong on paper: grimtools: Cold Reaper - BH/Blade Spirit

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Looking for Nightbringer builds and your seems to be very strong. I have almost all gears beside boots and pants.
Can I check two things?

  1. Can I facetank Callagadra with Bone Oppressor?
  2. How about the performance in new patch? Something changed?

Yes it’s a strong build but…

  1. Nope, don’t think so. Ravager can be tanked, Calla not.

  2. Nothing is changed, I think. Build should still be strong.

I created a new character last week and have been following this build. Just hit 94 and have had a good time with it so far.

Any reason not to put at least one point into Foul Eruption?

hi, question, have you tried the new MI medal, maybe adding vire might and harbringer of souls?
nightbringer+basti ring for full elemental to vitality conversion for volcanic stride. Nightbringer will convert most of the acid to harbringer of souls on the mark of plagius also.
we will lose the path cdr tho


I haven’t played this build since new patch emerged, but @tqFan have tried it, see few comments above, here’s the GT:


Totally makes sense since you can cap Bone Harvest/Soul Harvest skills and MI affixes compensate for the loss of 2 pieces Ghoul set bonus.

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In my opinion Harbringer is absolutely not worth it. You’ll lose an insane amount of damage and defense from losing CDR:

  • both Bone Harvest and Vire’s Might are cooldown based
  • all Devotions like Hungering Void, Ghoul, Scales will have longer cooldowns
  • you need 18 skills points just to get to Harbringer which seems like a waste

As for Maxing Volcanic Stride + Basti, not really sure. I personally didn’t want to spend skill points on that (see the link in the post above) but that is an idea worth considering. The conversion will also boost up the damage of Amatok’s Breath a bit which should also be spammed alongside Bone Harvest, Vire’s Might and Judgment.

Also just 1p into Ravenous pulled from somewhere just for better Twing Fangs Proccing on small number of targets might be worth it depending on how many skills you’d like to use.

To be honest with you guys I haven’t tested/gdstashed this character as I’m taking my time and would like to enjoy the journey as much as possible since this is my favorite build. Slowly playing the campaign occasionally as I don’t have much time to play right now. 94 level at the moment, about to hit Necropolis in Campaign where I’m going to farm this Plagius medal and refocus the character from Ravenous Earth to Vire’s Might. After finishing the campaign I’m going to farm all the gear to complete the build and tweak this Bone Harvest/Vire’s Might hybrid if needed. This is the current state of the character, about to change the gear/augments to 94 lev, but I don’t have endgame gear yet: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoJ9W9V

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Hello guys !

is this build still strong on current patch ? I am going to finally play GD after few years and looking for really good BH build, mayby other builds are even better ?

You can still make good CDR Bone Harvest Oppressor but build might need completely different approach. The thing is Uro relic was changed to no CD attack and this build lacks attack speed for it. Also casting speed is low for something like spamming skill. If the build avoid using one though, lacks enough sources of damage (minus 1 without Uro), so build needs to be remake. Pretty seemlees idea is to use Scourge relic but that costs +1 Necro skills, so I am not sure.


Damn, ok I’ll try to find another build, thanks :slight_smile:

You can out the Vitality Reaping Arc Cabalist from [Feedback] Uroborruk's Reaping Arc uses Blood Knight too.

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