[] Bone Appetit! Vitality CDR Bone Harvest Oppressor - massive damage, Crucible 170/SR 75/Ravager no consumables


  • Big bones alert!


After seeing discussion about 2H Bone Harvest build and GT attempt by @ceno decided to try it myself. So I picked Oathkeeper for support class because of the Path of the Three skill allowing me to further decrease cooldowns on Bone Harvest and other skills. So I have BH every 1.4 seconds dealing massive damage. You can dish out over 1 million crits in Crucible and SR!

Also nice opportunity to use new weapon Nightbringer, new ring and belt. Credits to Bone Jovi BH caster Ritualist done by @mad_lee.


GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4L0b0N

Few things are changed:

  • Voidwalker Pads boots.
  • Pants are now single rare - Thunderstruck of Readiness.
  • Seal of Annihilation in amulet, Tainted Heart in medal and Restless Remains in gloves.
  • Shuffle of armor augments to cover acid resistance.
  • Ravenous Earth picked over Ill Omen.
  • Helm is crafted for slow.

Crucible video 5:51

Also tried SR 85 with no problems.


  • pic with Soul Harvest, Dying God and Ascension active.


  • damage sheet for BH.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GKDEJ2


What I find key it’s full Blood Knight set giving conversion and damage boost to the skill. Also Ghol gloves have - CDR mod and make sense to take medal for extra DA boost. Nightbringer weapon it’s good fit providing excellent CDR and physical resistance. Also:

  • Rings - Decided to use Cursebearer ring for -RR proc and also Morgoneth ring, which have offensive proc and OA. Also helping me cap the main skill node. Options are Mark of Fallen and Lifegiver’s Signet.

  • Belt - String of Maggots for +1 Necro. Finally vitality/acid Necro belt.

  • Relic - Decided to take rarely used Uro relic. I think it’s been awhile since someone’s used the granted skill but it fits in my rotation and it’s suited for 2H builds with massive weapon damage compartment. Option is Meditation.

  • Boots - Magelord were last minute decision but they are surprisingly good here. OA, DA, Slow res, total damage and +2 Spectral Binding are all useful.

  • Pants - Reaper MI for +3 to Soul Harvest. Since build have elemental to vitality conversion it’s worth using SH.


As usual it’s always good idea to take Rattosh and Dying God on vitality build. Also picked Scales for nice proc, doing many things including leech, flat RR and some damage. Ghoul and Bat for extra defense. Although this is vitality build, it survives fine.

Attributes and crafts are up for personal taste. I invested some points in spirit for energy regen and some extra damage.


Build it’s piano without spam casting spell or auto attack. With low speed and low CDR on Bone Harvest it’s simply not worth it. Decided to use Omen for damage reduction and procing and not RE. Build it’s streamlined this way and also hate to rely on RE in every Necro build. Amatok rune is so good, requiring no target and with damage conversion dealing nice damage too.

As whole stacking vitality decay helps dealing damage in between big BH hits.


I reached SR 90 . The sustain allows me aggro all enemies at same time in boss chunks pre 80 and not die. And with few exceptions SR 75 should be like walk in the park.
Past 85 build becomes less effective, with enemies hit hard, DoT’s are quite dangerous. Lost timer against Gargaban+Anasteria. Reached 90 though.

Boss shard 89!

In Crucible buffs and banners build it’s almost immortal. Done 10 tries(3+3+4) not dying once. So much defense so you can’t die even if you make mistakes. Time is between 5:50 and 6:35 with average around 6:15-6:20. Here’s video from my best run - 5:50!

Crucible run 5:50


Mad Queen

Also Ravager of Minds, no consumables, full face tanking mode 2:03, flexing muscles :muscle:

Ravager of Minds

Add another outstanding performance , this time against naked Crucible - 7:23!

naked Crucible video


Should’ve called it just “Bono”!

Nice build, non-standard devotion choices too! Only thing that is a bit bothersome here is casting speed, imo.


Thanks, since I don’t have good procers passive Scales it’s good.

Cast speed is really bad, but I don’t think it have much effect. Casting animation may be slower but that’s small difference in my experience.

Nice build!:smiley:
I recently made S & B Blood knight, but 2h seems to work much better.

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S&B sound nice too, especially with Counter Strike set support but vitality caster is classic and Bone Harvest does crazy amount of damage!

This is the build I tried. Died frequently on SR80.
Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Maybe health regeneration is bad?

It looks like optimal build to be honest. And SR 80 is nice achievement.

But deep realms require more and more defense. Health regen it’s great way to support yourself in SR but it works well if you have Giant’s blood. If you go that route you can use White Lotus belt as well.

Also possibility to invest more in the shield aspect, like more points in Shield Training, Shield component and Shieldmaiden. I don’t think Ghoul can help you.

So I like that this build can have a punch and deal damage and SR 80 is good but you can try meme it into slow fortress and see if you can go deeper. But I am not the most experienced SR player.

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thank you for the advice.:+1:
I actually thought it would be more stable, but I was a little disappointed.:joy:
I’m very happy with the result of breaking through the SR80, so I think it’s enough.

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Added to the bottom of the thread two new videos from Mad Queen and Lokarr.

Finally someone post a 2h vita bh oppressor with ghol gloves, been rockin this forever :stuck_out_tongue: Well done sir!

How you feeling about scales vs revenant on this guy?

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Thanks for your comment!

Revenant is great constellation but Scales are just perfectly suited for this build. Passive RR, energy leech to keep the sustain, proc with vitality and WD. Just everything in this constellation screams “Bone Harvest”.

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Very nice to see someone put up an updated and unconventional Vitality BH build. Even on a Vitality Decay focus, you can get some semi-decent ticks and still put out huge amounts of Vitality damage.

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Nice, love it! I got basically the same char as a Ritualist :smiley: Nightbringer is such a good weapon!

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I was itchy to try fit new weapon, CDR and big base damage are great for Bone Harvest build. Ritualist is fine option too, Wendigo Totems and Harbinger gives sustain and Swarm have single highest -RR potential among skills.

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It’s also great for conjurers :wink:

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Yeah that’s too. Physical resistance amount will be shocking. Savagery+Dreeg will give you extra 20+. But Conjurer don’t have Bone Harvest sadly.

Haha, yea it’d be great for them…

At least it did 4 min mogdrogen and ravager before that :rofl:

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@Nery: Very nice build there. I am looking for a sturdy build to farm sr and this looks just right

@RektbyProtoss Would you mind to share your build? I cant get around that oathkeeper are best everything support mastery.

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I will post the conjurer soon and the rest of my builds in the middle of february when I finally have to the time to do all the posts. Until then you can always find my builds and GTs on my youtube.

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Then will see how tough is really your vitality cluster, I mean Conjurer :stuck_out_tongue:

@eisschollee yes my build is suitable for SR at least 75-85 should be very good.