[] Oblivion Deceiver - master of all seals and sigils


No need to put proper pic here, cause have to be a real mess! :sweat_smile:

So Black Flame is three skills supported set with FoI and AAR being the main offensive skills, but here I used Sigil part of the set. And I use Sigil of Consumption, Ritual Circle from full set’s bonus and Inquisitor Seal. And throw Oblivion as spamming skill, just pure Deceiver stuff…

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Update for

  • permanent buffs, without Dying God and Abomination, DPS for Oblivon

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrmbb0V

  • Build is updated for the patch, few buffs since it was initially posted, I’ve changed few things as well - remove Box, different medal augment, damage reduction medal component and absorb in amulet, more points in Pain line for AoE damage and such.

Crucible video:


GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p7z3BN


Black Flame set is obviously the key, pretty rare to see set’s occupying both weapon and off hand slot. But that means you have some slots open to use great non set items like this robe and also Conduit for -RR to Bloody Pox.

Oblivion relic also finally have a spot, where’s worth it and skill’s doing fine AoE damage, which is usually weak spot for chaos builds, except AAR.

Since is Sigil build medal is a big boost, good if you can roll stun resists affix here. Boots and rings are standard for chaos build, gloves for cast speed, pants are for slow, OA and spirit and belt is needed for conversion. Actually like most end game builds, everything is in one big link and hard to sub even one item…



Chaos builds strive to take both DG and Abomination, that leaves few possibilities what else to take. Revenant is here for chaos flat RR and I decided to skip Ghoul and pick pure delightful offensive procs form Fiend and Guardians.


Physique enough to wear armor and also to have decent levels of DA. Dump everything else in spirit.


Sigil’s style isn’t truly suited in Crucible but have it’s own unique charm. Build is very tough but lack of Ghoul or other hard circuit breakers is to be taken in consideration. I died once in 10 tries against double Reaper. Reaper is actually nasty enemy, despite double source of racial damage boos. He’s having big chaos resistance and his attack is Savagery based and increases potency with each strike/charge. So watch out…

Times are around 6:35 on average, nothing fancy but decent and stable. Here’s my video of fastest run - 6:16!


That’s a decent build, Nery!

However! :))))

I have been testing WoP recently and came to the conclusion that’s a pretty decent damaging spell (probably the last one left in Inquisitor’s arsenal). Since you have all the conversions here, how about trying out maxing WoP and Word of Agony?


I will skip however part and say thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

About WoP you have point but build is already tight on points and I decided to focus on Sigil. But since Ulzuin buff gives DA I can cut points from Wasting, remove Black Death and channel points into Pain to see if it’s worth it.

Pain indeed is currently better than most Inquisitor skills and free targeting and long duration are nice.

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Nah, man, just remove it from Witchfire and its nod. Stop pumping 65% weapon damage skill with flat, it’s not super effective :slight_smile: Max out WoP and Word of Agony, stand in the center of the map and cast it on trash waves. It speeds up clearing times A LOT.

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+1 to dropping points in the SWF line to max WoP and Agony. I’d also drop box too and use a movement rune to proc DG.


Maybe something like that. I maxed wasting too.


Thanks for the idea, you want to Nerf WoP, do you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My build might be master of all seals and sigils but Plasmo is the master of all builds. :smile:


Nice one. Trying to use FoI would probably gimp the whole thing lol. A few suggestions.

1, Max Wasting first imo. 15 effective da and 6 ticking dmg per point is good.

  1. I’d just drop SWF, Second Rite is good imo.

  2. I’m not sold on the whole WoP thing… Agony is vit. You got decent global %vit but all vit rr you got is Revenant and 2 -10% single target 3s cd procs with shitty chance. So you’re paying mostly just for the radius. First node is only 3/4 converted. So you get less dmg per point than from Wasting. It’s not gonna be the fully converted or tri-elemental supported powerhouse. I’d just max Agony for the radius on rr and aggro power.

  3. Sigil proccing power is huge. It’s not an aura pet like Seal that got 1 hit per second per enemy. Sigils stack. 4 deployed is potentially quadruple hits per second on one enemy. Plus it gives a slight boost to base proc chance (like BwC) - makes 23% out of 20%. Same goes for Box. You can proc Skeletons to the max with just about anything. I’d use those skills for dmg procs like Eyes and Fiend.


Nice idea again! Love to see another oblivion build. They are super rare. Overall - would you say that this build is weaker or stronger than your lovely apostat-oblivion-build?

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I guess best Oblivion spec is Blightlord Oppressor, although it’s vitality build and if you go Biting Blades it becomes even better.

So Apostate vs Deceiver? Tough to judge, Deceiver is perhaps little stronger and you don’t lose %damage boost from the relic. But also Oblivion have better synergy with Sigil and chaos procs. Perhaps this is the chaos build with the most diverse AoE damage. But from QoL perspective I prefer Apostate Bonemonger. Guess it depends on personal taste, both are viable.

I am curious if Oblivion it’s worth on different build too. Physical for example will have easy way to convert the damage from this skill…


Update for

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrmbb0V

Crucible video: