[] SpellBreaker through Olexra is Flash Freeze. 100 SR. 150-170 6m. 75-76 without death, full of provocation arena

I’m not sure to be honest, but can confirm the build went from 100% unplayable at 19/20 (most rift bosses would not freeze), to 20/20 being able to pull all bosses at once every rift, freeze them all and never dying. Over and over. ATM it is the fastest clearing build I have by a good margin.

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Does this suggestion mean no other class than spellbreakers can use mage hunt set for this freeze affect? :frowning:

So I am doing more and more tests, and you are right Salvor, the night chill is not doing it. I went back to 19/20 and tested, over and over, froze fine. I even turned Veil of Shadow/Night’s Chill off completely, and still froze fine on rift bosses.

But something is going on, because before I ran 10+ 65-66 rifts and almost every time but not always, bosses did not freeze. And i’m not talking “certain bosses”, like it’s a sure thing that Commander Lucius doesn’t freeze and is general a pain to deal with (his Devastation can 1-shot you due to low armor/physical resist in the build), also Moosilauke seems immune.

I’m talking bosses like Kubacabra, Grava’Thul, Valdaran, Benn’Jhar, Fabius, Zantarin, Iron maiden, Aleksander, Reaper, Kaisan, etc would not freeze in most runs, but in other runs they sometimes would.

I present evidence - this is all from a single play session today, over a few hours. See in this clip, all should freeze but Lucius. They don’t, and I get blown up (piloting not the best, sorry film done just for testing):

Especially notice that Azaleon did not freeze. But now look in this clip, in the next rift, he does freeze and the rift is easy:

Here are more clips of successful 100% freezes:

But in this clip, I literally have 2 Fabius in the same rift, one freezes, the other does not! Notice the OFF debuff icon under the boss names, also it is plain to see the frozen one is not attacking and dying faster (due to resist and DA debuffs on OFF), while the other who doesnt freeze has much more HP due to no freeze/no debuffs:

Sorry for the confusion in my first post, I’m just not sure what is causing this discrepancy? I’d really like to get to the bottom of this. Any ideas?

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You can’t freeze bosses with Unstoppable mutator, it gives them additional CC res. Check mutators there: https://grimdawn.gamepedia.com/The_Crucible

For permafreezing you have to cast Olexra two times in row as fast as you can, it should be binded for Hourglass devotion.


That’s it, I just tested. Thank you!

You essentially play Russian roulette when you open a rift - if you get the Unstoppable mutator, might as well restart now.

Yes the double cast is critical. It can be a bit tricky, as Aeon is a 20% chance to go off on hit. That means its best to pull all the bosses, as it gives more chances that the devotion procs with the extra hits and lets you do the 2nd cast for the perma freeze. If you single pull bosses, it can be difficult to get that 1/5 devotion proc to go off.

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Updated build for []

GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pBRppZ

100 SR

100 SR

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Do i understand correctly, that the only indispensable items for the build to work are Mageslayer set, the relic and the green weapon?

Everything else just boosts it’s effectiveness?

I would really love to try this build, but i lack all the items at the moment.

I use Olexra’s Flash Freeze a bunch and a few items that help it are:

Spectral Bludgeon - easily found in the Arkovian Undercity off one of the Oligarchs
Wradlith’s Shield - Boss in Spined Cove
Death’s Frost Shield - Death’s Vigil faction ring
Also random drop items to look out for: Band of Black Ice, Frostshard Crown, Windborne Greaves, Coldsnap, Dementia, Frozen Core, Chillborer, Watcher of the Frozen North, or some green items with the suffix “of shattering” … hope that helps!

Am I missing something because the Mageslayer set bonus now doesn’t give anything to the effect of reduced resistances to freeze. Instead the tooltip reads as a 55% reduction in freeze duration. Is this a display bug or was the set nerfed?

“reduced freeze resistance” is exactly as “reduced freeze duration”. so its not a bug or nerf. it changed nothing