[] SpellBreaker through Olexra is Flash Freeze. 100 SR. 150-170 6m. 75-76 without death, full of provocation arena

Hello everyone I would like to show a very unusual build that plays through Olexra is Flash Freeze. This build freezes almost all bosses and nemeses and simply kills helpless carcasses. The meaning of the build is to reduce the resistance to freezing from Olexra, which gives a full set. However, after we hit Olexra is Flash Freeze, we can also include Ring Of Steel + Rune of Amatok and Trozan is Sky Shard. All this will prolong the effect of the freeze on the enemies. The build was very strong, passes without deaths 75-76 and provokes the entire arena with the bosses. There was also an attempt to pass them 100 SK, where they were killed at the same time Alexander and Iron Maiden. And very easily and quickly build passes 150-170, freezing all on arena. Video of the results below.

Updated build for []

GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pBRppZ

100 SR

100 SR


GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BWz5wV

Full Queen freeze

Korvaak freeze

150-170 6m

150-170 6m 10s


75-76 without death, full of provocation arena

100 SR Alexander and Iron Maiden, sdeep x0.5


Nice to see so good Spellbreaker!

Korvaak being frozen is so hilarious. :smile:


with this build, olexra’s flash freeze should be renamed olexra’s flashy freeze.

Tfw a OFF build does both SR 100 and 6min Cruci


Did a bit similar Mageslayer OFF build a few months ago, but with ~90% cold -> fire conversion :slight_smile:

It’s really fun to play, and even more so in multiplayer.

Very cool indeed :smiley:

so the 55% freeze res debuff stacks after multiple OFF?

this is huge to be honest, even bigger than this crazy TSS that i just saw.

b-b-but everyone tells me OFF is a bad skill. impressive build

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Seems REALLY cool and gives a lot of inspirations too! Although it requires very specific gear setups; any alternative to the green belt? Let’s say I compromise the weapon by an easier pre/suffixed one (looks kinda obtainable), I don’t think I can afford an optimal or even suboptimal green belt that would fit to the build.

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ofc sub-optimal but https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9077 seems like a valid option


I like it! Once I find a minor version of the weapon, I will try the build and maybe leave my observation on it. Thank you!

Dude. Bad ass!!!

So, to get this straight:

  • The -fire rr from Olexre does NOT count for the (1st) olexra itself, right? (Thats why no one skills absolute zero)
  • The modifier -55% freeze resist DOES count for the 1st olexra, right?
  • That´s why its best to add another Olexra shortly before the enemy is mobile again, in order to get a -110 % freeze resist for the 2nd attack, right?

And it was indended for Crate, since no changes in the patch for this build except the rings.

@AlexGoldFish_322 What are other choices for the rings?

Mythical Ruby set or Mythical reign of ice and fire i suppose. Or Alkamos
@AlexGoldFish_322, is it true that OFF can proc hourglass only with 20% [from GT]? If so, isnt this a vast flaw and we should proc it with CT instead?

Alright, got to lvl94 now and did some dummy testing with off.
If you apply a double-off (via time dill.), the dummy is NOT frozen for a longer time.
So neither freezing nor, presumably, fire rr does stack on OFF.

Hey, is there any update after the new patch?

no, I’m working on other builds

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nothing changed for the build this patch , no items changes or anything . the ring rings were maybe nerfed

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EDIT: Please note, it has been found that this post is not 100% accurate. Please see continued discussion below for details.

Hi all,

For any interested, I leveled a fresh character in using this build as a guide. I am happy to say, this build is still works and is super effective.

Also a note, it is critical that your night’s chill skill is overcapped to 20, anything less and some bosses do not freeze properly and you get gibbed.
EDIT: This is false, the issue was actually the random mutator on the rift. If you get an “unstoppable” mutator, the bosses will be immune to freeze and you might as well retry another rift.

Second note, it is pretty important to get the exact belt MI “of Winter’s Storm” to achieve this level of overcap on Night’s Chill, which is very hard. As a work around, the Chillsurge ring can be used to reach the overcap and play the build properly. It is sub-optimal but still pretty good.


Here is my char.
I did move a few points around into frostburn damage just as a personal preference.

Thank you AlexGoldFish_322 for the very fun build!

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How is Night’s Chill in any way relevant to freezing the bosses? It doesn’t decrease freeze resistance.

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