Spellbreaker (Olexras Flash Freeze) + ? for multiplayer

I play quite a lot of Grim Dawn (hardcore) multiplayer with a friend of mine. We have a tendency to create builds that synergize/support each other, and we never play the same masteries.

My friend is interested in trying out the Spellbreaker Olexras Flash Freeze build and I need a build that works well/synergizes with that build, and preferable using cold damage as well.

As the Olexra build uses both Arcanist and Nightblade, I’m left with the remaining masteries to pick between. I found a Tactician elemental forcewave + RoH build that looks interesting, but I’m not sure how effective it would be in this team setup. I’m not very famliar with all of the cold convert items, so I might be missing some unique cold builds/ideas.

So my question is the following: How would you create a fun cold build that would synergize well with the Olexras build, that does not make use of Nightblade and Arcanist.

Here is the Olexra Flash Freeze build I’m talking about.

Here is the thread about the elemental Forcewave + HoR tactician.