Conduit amulet changes

Well, unfortunately, most Conduits are trash and were designed just to be pure-memish items.
There are some good like +radius to ABB, -15% aether/chaos RR to Veil of Shadow, aether Cadence, vitality FS (tho it’s a bit useless too …).
But most of them are either crap from the beginning, or were removed (like Flashbang conduit, conduit with flat cold to BH etc) and replaced with sth with 0 usefulness.
And some conduits (like mentioned for OFF) are useless as no one will break the full set for it.


I hope one day we will no longer see changes in conduits and dramas around this :upside_down_face:


Your trash is not everybody’s trash. Please add something constructive.


The conduit mod had flat damage, not weapon damage.

It is very old build of mine so I don’t remember it that much. I just know that it is worse then before. It can perhaps be salvaged. I just think that conduit was OK.

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what I actually meant was that a lot of conduits double functions of set amulets and this makes them almost redundant.
and some conduits give skill mods that aren’t supported by anything in the game.

I would say WD Panetti conduit is good idea, since it could support both physical and aether versions as well as elemental without Invoker set.

Also OFF conduit with - freeze is nice idea, since Mageslayer is the lone bastion for the skill to work.

I would like to see Vire’s might conduit with - CDR, especially for damage types that can’t use Path of Three or Vanquisher set.


Care needs to be taken with the OFF conduit since you can combine it with luminari set. Results may not be optimal clear speed wise but crate doesn’t want perma freeze to return. Stacking 20+50% freeze res shred puts most bosses at 68%. While I’m not intimately familiar with how the modifier to OFF interacts with chain freezing there was a build in past months that demonstrated hourglass assisted freeze chains leading me to believe additional freezes inherit the OFF modifier if chained onto an OFF freeze. Of course it would need testing, but running around with 70% freeze shred seems to be a recipe for permafreeze.

I made such build here and it is not that powerful. It would not be OP in any way with this change.

Now the interesting thing highlighted here is that one doesn’t even need anything beyond the 55% innate of mageslayer. 50% on a single gear slot opens up a suite of options that are otherwise barred by the 4p. The mace very well may not be needed which potentially leaves us staring down a plethora of arcanist builds functioning similar to the aetherbinder of old. High CDR, mirror and a permafreeze with low gear commitment would utterly trivialize most content. At least everything not sporting 500% freeze res.

Even with current mageslayer set I have managed to thoerycraft a build that would freeze enemies almost for all the time. I will have to try it. Still in current state the Conduit is useless. I don’t think with higher values anything will become OP.

In a hypothetical situation where only the amulet and some + skills needs to be committed for permafreeze alongside hourglass we could conceivably see a fire sorcerer arise that abuses OFF for a nontrivial -230% or higher RR, fully enabled with immortality handed to it permitting a full spirit dump.

My AAR sorcerer with mageslayer set almost has perma freeze and still is not invincible and that is with AAR.

Is this with hourglass, what level OFF, how much CDR?

Build is here.

That looks to be more than sufficient to replicate permafreeze. Alex’s approach has max 31% CDR and no item procs, OFF base duration of 7s. Not seeing how it fails to achieve perma.

Yet it is not strong and going beyond SR 65-66 would be real tough. I also have another build not played yet where I use two maces with + seconds to OFF and many more sources of freeze to prolong the freezing. That could also be permafreeze. But all this perma freeze builds are not really 100 % perma. Sometimes hundred sometimes not. So not OP.

The contrast here would be something like slapping on pyran’s but still getting the OFF perma through investment of amulet and maybe 1-2 more gear slots.

I don’t think it will be OP. I think it will just become usable. I already made a build that uses interaction with that amulet and Luminari set (it is not easy to actually stack those effects) and many other OFF builds. I just don’t see it being OP. Strongest still is OFF and TSS just like the one you posted. I have similar and it cuts through SR easily. But nothing else will or at best will be slightly worse. Not OP to me.

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