[ -] Team Deep SR 160 - 208 [Videos]

GravaThul + Moosilauke + Fabius + Connolay
we got a sick bug, the Darius summon Pets in maps outside , all ways cant kill, and we cant get record for 120…
anyway we waiting for 1152 to repair waystorne record and this bug


this is BUG, and we use -HP equipment try to kill self to reset maps ,but also cant …finally we ESC…

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the only way to reach maximum SR is in multi-players


that’s Impossible. in now version, maximum maybe 125 ~ 130 . Very difficult

Thanks for support.

Congratulations, I would like to try teamwork too but my lags in multiplayer just eat me alive :smile:

Could you post builds you used for this?

this is our choice for now version SR, u can try it (ping 80 - 100 is better)
Warlord + Conjuere + Shildbreaker + Druid
Warlord + Wralord + Conjuere + Purifier (mortar)
Battlemage + Conjuere + Shildbreaker + Purifier (mortar)

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What about some support deceiver instead of one dps? Maybe it would be good choice too?

2 tank + 2 Long-range dps
u can choice different build

I will call @adoomgod to discussion, he was working on making sr team setup, I have no experience with it.

His proposition was:
retal warlord + pet ritualist (sigatrev’s version) + support deceiver + health regen canister bomb sorcerer

if u see Kaisan + the Sentinel u will only want to ESC. the sick & crazy green stone will make u insane. :laughing:
no idea for this, only ESC

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One of the worst boss combos I found was something like Kaisan + Sentiel + Moosilauke/Benjahr, even more crystals and 0 safe spots on whole map, insta alt + f4 :rofl:

we try 2times. first time in 119 game crush. first 117 is Kasin + 2 Bennjhar + Lucius in small map. also very stronger…
however we waiting for ur team good news.

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Congratz ! really impressiv

wheres the loot fiesta

There is none.

120 Gargaban + Valdaran + Aleksander + BennJahr

121 Sentinel + Valdaran + Fabius + Iron Maiden