[] (2H mele) Nature'S Avenger Warder ( with warbone )

Hi guys

Finally i maked good 2h build :slight_smile:

Already so many nature warder build in forum.

but i think , i can make something another

used permanent and temporary buffs


1st use Warbone Visor

So , don’t need 2.5s delay and always feel 25% reduced dmg and 32 rr

( already tested blood rager two pieces, but warbone better )

need couduit -15% rr option lol

but i find more easy setting ( check last )

mad queen 9s

lokarr 24s ( not fast , but safe )


SR 75~76 FULL PASS 2

I don’t play crucible … but maybe it can ~ 7min

easy setting


It can parming sr 75~76 too

mad queen 9s , lokarr 25s recorded.

but best setting need conduit , and this is boring!!

enjoy nature :slight_smile:


great build maybe this is the best nature’s avenger warder build <3

Does the nature will avenge for all the time build sucked? :smile:

Why does everyone that run the natures avenger build use those exact two rings now, as opposed to judicators seals? Its not a critique, its an honest question. You only lose 2% physical RR and get way more DA/OA. The resists are pretty much the same except you get poison res instead of bleed.

Also wouldnt it be better to swap the skills on assassins mark and blind fury? Since its duration of assassins mark is so long, you dont have to proc it that often, but having blind fury on savagery means it procs when anything crits.

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I run mine closer to what Buddhakingpen is talking about.
Once everything starts running I find the sustain from the health regen outweighs using any other ring combination

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You get way more OA/DA when you kill something, which isn’t a guarantee on SR boss chunks or the tougher crucible waves. On top of that, you lose 200% physical damage, which is a real big chunk when you account for how much armor can take off. Also, poison resist is much more valuable than bleed.

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To Smithersons point, I find taking dryad node + heart of the wild kinda means you dont have to worry about either poison or bleed resists. But I also run a different devotion setup than op. I still prefer judicator ring setup, tested both and it just works out much smoother imo

Avenger is safe and fun. GJ;)

i have tried this build with the -15% conduit even and against some enemies it struggles but im surprised still at the results its not bad. But there are examples where this one really struggles particularly in more difficult bossrooms in SR

Coundit is nice, but Avenger of Cairn is a better choice in Deep SR.
I reached 95 with this setting. (I fought in SR94 boss room for over 40 min.lol)

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That’s true, with Avenger of Cairn and +maximum resistances from it you can take almost 2x less damage from aether as example which matters a lot in deepest shards. It’s currently best amulet you can get for soldier class if you go for record :grinning:

It’s also nice to have another source of damage reduction except war cry like Vire or Empyrion devotion, even with Warborn helmet to avoid one shots.

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Yes , if don’t use conduit , Avenger of Cairn is best .

but i wanted more dps :slight_smile: Avenger dmg so low lol

Mark of kalastor looks like a very interesting pick. Since everyones sharing their builds and i’ve been picking apart what I do and dont like about them, i figure its fair to share mine. I’m looking for improvements as well :slight_smile:

Really it just feels good knowing that 1 point in devouring swarm can do 70% phys RR. You guys do make that avenger amulet sound enticing though. Esp considering my builds weakness to aether damage. In reality I have 0 points in spirit, because my helmet is a lie. They dont have my roll on grimtools, so i just went with what looked good lol. In actuality the helmet rolled with a crap ton of spirit (+71 spirit +4% spirit). Now that i know i can roll another battle cry though i’m gonna be hunting these helmets for a while.

There are many good candidates for medals. I decided to abandon the 24/16 savagery and go more defensive.
10% Armor (crafted with Angrim), 100OA, good resistance, and proc.
In my setup, the Armor value is over 3500 with Non proc. By adjusting the constellation, more than 4000 is possible. Mark of kalastor was good overall.
However, even if you stack that much Armor, if there is no Avenger proc, some Boss will kill me with one shot, so it may not make much sense. :rofl:

-% RR Stack important, but I simply hate casting devouring swarms.LOL