[] Blade Arc WB - Oleron's Fury - SR 80 - CR 5:28


Can’t remember the last time I had some much fun with a 2h melee build. One of my favorite concepts ever since I started playng GD, 2h BA with Blind Fury bound to it.

A word of caution. The build idea came to mind while watching Doom Eternal Glory kills. It may induce blood fueled rage…otherwise quite fun

All procs up except Diamond. %phsyique Crafting was used raise DA a bit. DpS would be higher a bit but i forgot to move the 4x points from SR War Cry to Squad Tactics

Crucible GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7drJOZ Vicious Jaw is just me toying around with stuff. It’s pretty good. You can use a Tainted heart instead like the GT setup.

SR GT : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zlzrkZ - The only change is Avenger of Cairn medal for it’s amazing defense. You can increase physique by 10-15 if you want to feel safer

  • Please do use Oleron bound to BA and Assassin on Pox. It works so well and there is no other skill that is better suited mechanically and thematically for Blind Fury than Blade Arc.

  • Scales devotion is also pretty amazing. The proc heal with gladiator belt and 2h lets you play as recklessly as you wish in any situation, solves energy, pumps %lifesteal to 9%, has good overall stats and makes your char SR Ready as well. You can spec out and get Azrakaa bound to CoF with Arcane spark in medal but Scales make your build unrelenting!

Video Crucible 5:28: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r1kSJGDnkI

SR 80 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En-TJrdykV8 DpS wise mutators balanced out slightly in my favor

SR 80 Oleron + soon - a new instance with Oleron shrine just for fun…if only it would roll :no_mouth:

Balde Arc Damage can be 120K if you mess around with cunning
Guts%20BA Guts%20Flat%20phys Flat damage

DOOM Relic - Like Blind Fury, it’s fantastic on this build. Use it whenever swarmed. Along with War Cry it will give you amazing CC in Crucible and make life a lot easier in SR. The Dots are very good in crucible. just Spam BA a few times, cast Doom and move onto other targets

DoTs - the build has very decent dots to complement its raw dps. 140K to 200K. Use that to your advantage in SR as well where you can harass mobs in and out as you build your momentum.

Have fun!


Armageddon :hamster:


:fire: :eggplant:

Wow impressive time on the crucible. You are cutting things up like they are made of butter.:mask:

I like how you left Allostria to die alone on wave 156 like the inconsequential turd that she is

yes turds get doomed :sweat_smile:

:hocho: + :butter: = :drop_of_blood:

physical Witchblade working


Blade Arc without bloodrager set? Nice one!!

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With +5 to Soldier Skills and the shoulders…no problem to max it. :joy:

Nice build, I really would like to test Scales with my Witchblade, but this 8 Yellow are hard to get together with 15 Purple and 12 Green…have to think about it. :thinking:

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When I see 50% of builds using epic Final March I understand there’s something wrong with boots in GD :smiley:

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Damn that’s incredible result for physical build!

I know Blade Arc works with 2H very well but still it’s nice to see non Bloodrager being so bloody good. And also I like that Occultist have enough skills to proc these devotions.

Btw what’s your stance for Titan Pauldrons?


Welcome back, Fluff. Nice take on a classical build. Are scales really covering up for the adtch? 9% seems a bit low-ish.

What’s the average Crucible timer for this one?

And last question, knowing how source of flat physical damage are bugged, wouldn’t it be better to for DA augments like Arcanum Dust and make a bigger Cunning dump? (I think it will be, like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbMz5k2, higher energy regen and elemental overcaps as well).

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Ty Nery.

In a perfect world I’d be doing a Blitz / Vire build with them using Steward’s Halberd

Thank you.

9% low-ish, with that flat dmg on the build? Jeez, how much do you need :astonished:

To be fair Scales is absolutely amazing. Since you are asking this and Suggesting Dust for extra energy, I take it you haven’t tried it much. You just have to.

  • Energy leech is very potent on it. It solves the problems on it’s own. I’ve never had to use pots unless in very rare occasions like Shattered Sharz who is more resistant to leech. Nothing else comes to mind now. I also used 3 buff only in Crucible so that there is no doubt about leech and DA

  • Life steal on the proc. This thing with Gladiator Belt and 2h lets you defy what would be impossible situations. 132% dmg to life when RR is applied refills your HP really fast and also bypasses fumble!. I can’t recommend it enough

You just have to try for yourself, on the right build, where it completes it

I know you are an ARcanum Dust fan. I have thought about the flat phys dmg part as well 3 days ago and had another Idea that I didn’t get to test.

Osyr’s Temper Aug to keep the OA up too and 50% converted is ‘‘true’’ damage

Osyr - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NO0dQe2 42.4k and 50 extra OA (compared to Arcanum with same cunning dump)

Arcanum - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mOeM5Z - 42.7K. Sadly the extra ele resist is not enough to mage me let go of a scorched plating. Crucible Has just enough and SR with Avenger is doing great.

If I were to retest and min max i’d try the Osyr path

BTW forgot to mention. The build can easily do it with 2 buffs. Amatok - Ulo. So another Tower could be added, like one that shreds armor :wink: - I’ll be testing it later after patch comes maybe


Nice to see phys 2H melee standing strong! And a pretty optimised devo map, i have to say!
Would love to see non-doublerare greens though.

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Oh, looking back at my gt link, I didn’t extract it properly and just copied back your build link to you, lol.

That’s what I meant actually: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26Kd9eV

That way you can let go of one (or two) spellscorched platings and get most bang out of your buck increasing total %physical/trauma/bleeding and OA at the same time instead of what turned out to be useless physical flat. Or you can even use three hammerfall powders for extra 45% damage if regen/res is not needed.

I will try Scales on one of my builds, @Valinov is also the one who likes to use it. Energy leech is indeed very effective after

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Sure all three options can work well. I was just curious how much the extra converted dmg from Osyr would matter and also the extra 80 - 100 OA you can get from it

Understandable. Just that these two Mi’s are just that good for this build due to the innate +skills they have. It’s not like green boots that are used for good resists most of the time

The energy leech is impressive. But the lifesteal ability is also amazing. This devo also enabled me a no buff/banner Belgo run that I didn’t yet post. Was made some time December


Tested Scales with my Witchblade. Sacrified Viper and Scythe for it and really was skeptical if this would be a good trade-off.

Well…it was. I just wanted to see about Energy Management, but the 25 RR are a nice addition. :nerd_face:

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Pure joy - Thank you for ressurecting my oldest witchblade - just respeced it (had all the stuff including some really nice greens i have stashed for such ocassions) and it is indeed incredibly fun gameplay!

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Glad it fits the bill :face_with_monocle:

The 25 RR also made Kaisan doable for naked Belgo. It’s not amazing by having AoE (It would be OP if it had AoE) but it can keep permanent RR in boss fights.

I’m very happy to hear this. Both the concept and how the build works have also been a joy for me as well. At no point was it a chore to make this build work the way it does, and that rarely happens to me


Bleeding Witchblade doesn´t really need the RR but it freed up some skill points from Terrify so nice addition. :slight_smile: