[] Cabalist Vitality on attack caster ~ Minimal MI HC-version

Alright, first of, i know what you all want.
There we go, the grim tools code. This is for people who want to straight up jump into what this is.

Disclaimer: All the opinions and decisions i made for the build are with hardcore in mind, that does not mean it wont work perfectly well on SC, it just means you can potentially forgo a few defences in favour of more damage. And i prefer builds that make use of overlooked items, or less popular abilities.

Alright lets get down to the build, i tried formatting it in relevant drop down menus, but if you want to take a loot at the whole thing the grim tools was already listed, and i will try to post a video with details soon.

Pros and Cons

What are the good points of the build?

  1. A lot of it is farmable, or very common
  2. Its a vitality caster, which means it has pretty amazing sustain
  3. If you like fireworks it does explode the screen with pretty colours (mostly red)
  4. It can handle everything the campaign throws at it with ease
  5. Really nice at running around blowing up packs of mobs

So what are the downsides?

  1. A few pieces are neccesarry (mainly weapon and relic) and neither of them is guaranteed to drop
  2. The defences the build has are mostly proactive, instead of relying on perma uptime buffs/stats as a crutch
  3. Its not the most amazing single target dps (not the worst either)
  4. I have not tested it against everything. So a big portion of what its capable off is still unknown. I will add to the guide as i pit the build against things. But so far, only all the campaigns on ultimate and a bit of dungeon grinding was done.

In this build, i use Bloody pox, Ill omen, Curse of Frailty listed in order of importance, they are the main started of the cascade of spells, and the main debuffs. Sigil of consumption and Spectral wrath also work with it, but neither are as reliable so you use them in a supporting manner. But even the first three are more than enough to start an absolute barrage of triggers to go off, while also debuffing the enemy.

And for burst damage you can use reap spirit to add a little extra dps when needed, which is mainly against bosses. And well, the rest, the rest is simply your gear doing everything for you.


For devotions, the same idea that was behind picking up the gear, on attack-damage. You start off with grabbing bat(i like it on CoF), as your early game, then rushing towards wendigos mark, for more damage and sustain (i prefer to use it on bloody pox), and then eventually working your way towards Will of Rattosh (ill omen) for more damage and a debuff, and last but not least grabbing dying god(Sigil of consumption), but you do want some nice sustain before you grab that one.

Those are the main devotions, the rest is more or less picked up to fuel the requirements of those, or to get whatever you need, be it resistances, health, armour or anything else. You can use my devotion as a template, but you can toy around with it as long as you pick up the ones mentioned.


Ok, the nitty gritty. What is neccesarry, and what is not. I will list the gear in order of importance, or at least percieved importance. None of this makes or breaks the build, but certain pieces are more impactfull than others.

  1. The relic Eldricht Pact, most important because of its low 0.5 second cooldown
  2. The weapon Again because of the low cooldown of 0.8 seconds these two items will be the bulk of our activations
  3. Belt and gloves. Why do they share a spot? Because they have the same ability bound to them. The rhowari girdle is a craftable belt which makes it rather easy to obtain (hard to obtain a good affix on it), and the gloves are fairly common, however you have to use the non mythical version since the mythical version looses its Doombolt on attack trigger.
  4. Jewelry.Again, i will lump them in together since there are a few combinations possible, i decided to go with Morgoneths ring, Signet of the fallen and blood knights pendant. You could as well go for full tentacle heaven with double morgoneth rings, or even a good MI amulet from kaisan. The ones i went with offer a barrage of different on attack triggers, which is why they are my first choice.
  5. Medal. This one gets its own category. It has a nice defensive trigger, with toxic gas, but it does not help with damage (the trigger itself), however, its a nice allround medal for the build since it does give the dmg we need and buffs up our bloody pox a tad.
  6. Helm/armour/shoulders. I went with the dark one set. for two reasons. The first one is the ease of access. You can reliably farm all the pieces, and you don’t need to rely on getting lucky(some luck might be required still). And the second reason is, that it just provides all the stats we would ever want. +1 to all skills, and a bunch of good defensive/offensive stats
  7. Pants and boots. This is going to be the filler, slap in whatever you have, and whatever you need to fix up your resistances/stats. I went with crafted boots and dread knights legplates. If you get better MIs, go for em.
How it works

Alright. Time to get into the build itself. BUILD TECH!!!

Ok, so the build work around the fact that all over time spells, that are applied on enemies count as attacks. And more than that, they count as an attack every 1 second (for all the spells i managed to look up) So as long as you have for example bloody pox applied to 1 enemy, every second it will count as if you attacked once. So once you start layering these abilities on enemies, you get an insane ammounts of “attacks” per second, which in turn reliably triggers all items with the “on attack” clause, and guess what, those also count as attacks when they hit the enemy which in turn count as more attacks.

Ok you probably see where im going with this. So yes, this is the principle on which the build functions. Layer a few dots, and with that trigger more of our items. Where it really works well, is in packs of enemies, but where it starts slowing down is on single target. Where with 3 abilities we would only get 3 attacks per second, or with seals 4. Which turns out to still be more than enough.


Build stats!
Here are a few notable attributes of the build and my thoughts on it.

Hp: 17k; which might be a little high, so you can skimp out on it when it comes to gear.
Oa: 2.8k; with 100% reliable uptime on BoD, this in turn with curse of frailty gives us a nice reliable stream of crits since we hit monsters more times than most builds
Da: 2.6k; ends up a little low, but with wasting reducing enemy OA by a whooping 270 its still way more than you need, unless you are new at the game and dont know the enemies well and want to overshoot DA to use it as a crutch
Armour: 1.6k with 100% absorption; The 100% absorption means for the most part, you will take 1600 damage less per enemy attack, but its still caster tier armour, or rather low. Which we compensate with the next point.
Phys resist: 42%; Pretty darn high resistance against physical damage. Thanks to BoD and the set we are pretty good on that front.
Damage absorption: 16%; This is just a neat little extra layer from possesion. Its just a nice cherry on top.
Resistances: All maxed except stun res. Really nothing notable here, not all of them got overcaped but a few did.
Resistances to CC: This is where the build really falls short. No real freeze, stun, slow, root or any resistance to CC really. Its what will be the deadliest to this build.
Highest damage dealt: Does not matter. The build shines because of its massive barrage of spells it throws at the enemies, however my max dmg dealt at the time of writing this was still 320k from a crit on Reap Spirit.


Videos of the build in action
Comming soon :helicopter::rainbow:
Proof of concept video:

And last but not least, as far as the rest of the unalocated skill/atribute points goes. Dump em wherever. Those should be from SR which i have yet to complete on this character.


Aww man I love hitting the enemym :scorv:

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Yikes, fixed it. Honestly with english not being my first language, if that is the only whoopsie i made. I’m going to be pretty satisfied. :faction_vanguard:


Well some things i dont understand others i do. But you do this HC and respect for that and originality. I watch the stream sometimes. I would do something like this. I am not sure if the damage absorption from possession stacks with the one from the dark one proc, i thought not so i picked harbinger. Also bone harvest and much more flat vit damage. This is just what i would do.


edit: also did devotions, no idea if this is good for hardcore just what i would do

They do but it’s multiplicative instead of additive.

Nice take on the build and devos. Tho i feel like that misses the main point of the build. The setup you went with to me feels like a more attack oriented setup. And by removing the few items that autocast offensive abilities, it vastly reduces the chance for the autocast loop to continue.

I added a video to more clearly show the idea of how the build functions. Tho i will try a 1h+offhand setup, and i fear it might actually be better, which is a shame since i feel like 2h are still in a bit of a sorry state.

cool video. Yeah i dont really know what you intended ofcourse. But i dont know how much these procs do compared to adding a huge amount of flat vit and a whole skill boneharvest that adds even more flat + 250% vit damage which is always up + more lifesteal. And yeah i would also just throw in girdle of stolen dreams it would lift you over 3k oa. But yeah it is a bit hard comparing and i see now you focus on groups which is always a good thing. In any case it is just my opinion and i dont play hardcore so yeah, lots of possibilities anyway with this build and cool that its a ranged darkone as well that weapon is quite cool.

Nice seeing you post the build here! It even has good DA now :smiley: