[] Christmas panetti - spaghetti western. Invoker fire (with some lightning) Mage Hunter


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Invoker set offers the opportunity to play nice elemental PRM build. @mad_lee created the best Panetti build - lightning one. But now I decided to run mix fire/lightning with fire being the main damage type. I am not converting lightning to fire though. Just neglecting it. Go under the rug… please! :smile:


  • pic with permanent buffs, standing on Inquisitor Seal. Damage for PRM.


  • damage breakdown for Panetti’s

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLd89dV


So main idea is to use Invoker set and gear that supports well PRM. Also I opt to take items with %spirit and make huge spirit dump. It’s so cool to see the big damage numbers on your spell! I also decided to use slightly different items than Mad Lee’s build, because it’s boring to copy paste everything right. Unless you are youtuber, then simple swap of 2 skill points makes it completely different build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Chest it’s Fateweaver. So big defensive boost and spirit.

  • Relic is Iskandra. Helps with caping PRM nodes and proc is very good.

  • Belt is Arcanist one, since build requires extra points in the mastery.

  • Legs - Tranquil Mind. OA, slow resistance and spirit. So good.

  • Boots - Golemborn. I need pierce res, health and physical resistance. This boots provide all of that.

  • Gloves - Blue gloves are selected. Good DA, spirit, cast speed and boost to elemental damage. I really like them here and also this is not armor stacking build, so they don’t have cons here.

  • Shoulders are maybe the weirdest item in my build. They fit like a glove or a shoulder though. Nice set of resistances, support both fire and lightning and low physique requirements. You can always stake shoulders with lightning>fire conversion but damage increase is rally diminutive.


I have been informed that this corner of the map featuring Seekers+Serru is called “Cronley farmer build” so why not use it? Two T3 elemental procs it’s nice with the spirit and CDR. Also I took Solael for - fire RR. Ghoul as fail-safe mechanism. Build doesn’t really need bat for sustain.


Build it’s really strong in Crucible both in offense in defense. I died once in 12 runs due to pilot’s error, so super tough if you don’t play mindless ofc.

For Cruci setup I recommend 4 buffs + 3 level 1 banners setup to boost DA/OA and have AoE flat RR. It’s faster than standard vanguard setup (tested it) and also it’s better defensively due to extra DA. I haven’t tried in SR but should do with ease 75. Cruci time is around 6 minutes on average or slightly faster. Video from by best run - 5:33!


Unorthodox Christmas Panetti build!

I like it. But I think you are missing out big time by not taking Cinderwind gloves. You can compensate for DA loss with Ravager’s Eye augment.

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Cinderrwind converts fire to lightning, I don’t want that!

But you have built a dual damage build and your damage spread is mostly Fire. With Cinderwind it’s gonna get balanced out. Plus proc is pretty nutty. Try them, I am 99% sure it’s gonna be faster.

OK will try them them later. Thanks for the idea. You are right about balanced damage support.

Btw din’t your MH was faster with Vanguard. It’s hard for me to believe it.

Well, my fastest run with 3+1, iirc Plasmo did a faster run with 4+3. I think it’s more or less the same either way. Build spreads Elemental Storms like wildfire so Storm beacons aren’t adding that much. And super high OA obviously scales very well on it.

I think any prefix Cleric’s Stoneplate (suffix random) beats MGG easily and its not to hard to craft one.
Nice devotion path thou.

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> Spellgaze in 2019

I don’t doubt that. Golemborn still have nice defensive proc and can roll higher physical resistance but stoneplate boots with good affixes will be better. But I don’t really think this particular build needs green items to function.

Devotions, it’s rare to see both Seekers and Serru, so decided to pick them and their procs are fun! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks interesting but two things:

  1. You somehow didn’t actually have Solael’s devo assigned to Aether Corruption.
    Fixed that: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23qaM1Z

  2. Why are you calling it Spaghetti Western and getting my hopes up when it doesn’t use a gun? :cry:

That’s a bug in GrimTools that removes Devotion links to item/component granted skills.

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There’s gun for Panetti but the wand with Inquisitor Seal mode is so good!

The title is mostly a joke…

I assume you’re referring to Mythical Arcanum Sigillis, could the build work with that?

If fire is the main damage type, why not taking Olexra’s flash freeze for -100% fire res ?
By the way where has mad-lee’s build gone ? :thinking:

Olexra RR works only on frozen targets. Without freeze resistance reduction it’s hopeless against serious enemies. Minors die just from me looking them scary :smile:

Here’s Lee’s PRM build:

[] Expelliarmus! 5:45m Crucible 150-170, SR 75, 0 greens facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid][g3]


Oh, okay. Thanks for the clarification and for the link (that I didn’t see on the build compendium anymore) ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nery, love the devotions for this PRM variant.

How do you feel about these suggestions:

  1. Swap shoulders to Mantle of Agrivix. More spirit% for your spirit dump and a bit of fire conversion. Though this is technically a tri-element build, you’re already pushing fire damage first with Witchblade devotion.
  2. Swap Viper for Panther. With your weapon damage, Viper RR isn’t doing much and Panther gives you a touch more OA and more crit%.

I tried Agrivix and wasn’t worth it. But now maybe with Corruption lack of RR :thinking:

Panther can be used yup, that’s an idea. I think small RR vs crit will be close.