[] DW Morgoneth's Dread Death Knight [cold/vitality]


When the Morgoneth set was released I decided I wanted to do a cold/vitality build with my Death Knight. One of the only weapons that fits the bill is Mythical Dreadweaver so I collected a few of those and began leveling. Before I could get the Morgoneth gear, I put this build together and outside of a few tweaks I ended up staying with what I originally conceived about 90%.

I will eventually try a weapon and shield based variant using Mythical Gravetouch. Having a soldier class character gives the player some flexibility to go more defensive if dual wield is not their thing. Same basic mechanics apply.




  • No green’s but not a lot flexibility on most of the gear given that most of it is taken up by the Morgoneth pieces. Must have’s include Dual Dreadweaver’s, Deathbound Ameythst, and all pieces of the Morgoneth gear given that it is the point of making this build.

  • I would say that Mythical String of Maggots is best belt for this build but I have had no luck farming it so I cannot attest to how well it works.

  • Flexibility exists between relic, belt, and medal but you will need something that provides dual-wield somewhere in there. I went with Tinker’s Ingenuity for defense, Blademaster’s Talisman for dual-wield enabling, and Dreadchill Mark for damage.

  • Runefather ring is replaceable with whatever you prefer or need. I was running dual Morgoneth rings but needed some better resistances.

  • If you were inclined to go sword and shield, Mythical Gravetouch would be an option but I have not experimented with it. This would require some relatively significant retooling to make good use of the shield.

Play Style

  • My routine is hit war cry, blitz or teleport in, then drop bone harvest and siphon souls. Use Ill Omen to drop resistances and Mark of Torment as needed. Ill Omen also procs from boots so it should be in effect frequently. Main damage is coming from Bone Harvest crit’s which will be frequent.


  • Good damage from Bone Harvest and War Cry especially when synergized with resistance reduction skills. See screenshot below.

  • Several skills that steal a good amount of life when used.

  • Lot of cool animations to slow your FPS down (tentacles, portals that shoot skulls, whirlpools etc).


  • Have beaten the main game on ultimate easily and have gone through a few dungeons but untested at higher level’s of crucible and SR.

  • Relatively slow movement speed and could use some additional escapes and safeguards if a balance can be reached.


One thing I have not played around with is taking points out of Siphon Souls and a few other skills here and there and pumping points into Cadence and associated skills as a main attack. I just don’t really like Cadence and enjoy the Siphon Souls mechanic but I may try this.

I am curious what other’s thoughts are if they have the gear and want to give this a shot. Also, interested in any suggestions you have to make this better. Either way I enjoyed putting this together and while this won’t overtake my Warlord as my best guy it turned out much better than expected for a theory craft build.

reserved for Bruce