[] [HC] Hybrid Retal EoR Warlord - SR85+ [g4][c][sr+][vid]

Anvil can multi up to 5x hammers, each deals ~40k dmg, dont drop it bro.

Hi @Contragor between this and your Dreeg’s Dreidel, which one do you think is better for farming SR 75/76?
Still leveling my 2nd char the Oathkeeper and can’t decide which second class to go as I have a couple of both items for end game.

This, hands down. It can speed farm 80+ in hardcore. 75-76 can be done half asleep and the clearing speed is insane.

Thank you!! And awesome build. Thanks for sharing

Been stumbling across your build. Like it alot up to now - still levelling in A2.
Quick question: Why soulfire at all? No damage and reduced damage is obtained via war cry.

Does this build still perform well in both crucible and SR in

Yes, it should. I have a similar one and SR 75 is a walk at the park. It’s a slow and safe build for Crucible and it doesn’t really matter tbh, SR just has better loot.
Keep in mind that the acid conversion on the helm might get removed ( put to another piece of the set or as a set bonus) next patch, so Calla’s Visage will be bis after that.

No RR from War Cry?
Anyway, sticking to War Cry gives the flexibility of putting points off Soulfire.
I invested them in AoM and it´s a blast!

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Holy shit, that build is insane!
Its my 1st real attempt of a retal build. Tried others before, but very briefly and found them weak.
This one however…
My enemies get overkilled on a regular basis - so much that they sky rocket, its a show, rly! And not just Zombies. Cthonians as well! I´ve never seen a Cthonian rocketing to the sky by overkill before! Feels like Titan Quest.
This build kills faster than a belgo blademaster - plus with hell of aoe!
Levelling through A5, i get amazed over and over again.

So far, enemies that cannot SCRATCH this char (health bar idle):

  • Shar Zul
  • Ulgrim
  • Galakros
  • Gargabol
  • Valdaraan
  • The Bourbons
  • Ravager, before he goes down to 50% (!! - I mean … !!!)
    This is madness! Is it like this with every retal warlord, or just this one?

Which are you playing? 1.1.5 or that 1.1.6? I find the 1.1.5 version do more damage but I get hit sometimes hard.

The one in OP minus Soulfire plus Aegis.


I’m leveling this, right now at lvl 65 in HC.

Should I craft Citadel or Reckoning relic?
Reckoning seems a lot better, I think Citadel is overdefensive, but maybe it’s better for HC (I’m not sure cause it’s my first HC char)


Never played HC. But does HC know a term like “overdefese”?

Trying to level a Warlord at HC. Currently i am level 70, i already have a lot of gear in my stash from my main. i am still new to the game :smiley:
Is this build still good with the new patch 1.7.0?


Yes, personally I change between Honor relic and Absolution relic sometimes, and this is my set up https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9LGwP2

If you had to choose one these three helms to replace Targo’s Helm, which would you use?

Mythical Dawnshard Gaze
Mythical Faceguard of Justice
Mythical Warborn Visor

Dawnshard for the All Retal bonus?

Callagadra’s visage. If you can’t kill her on ultimate/elite, kill her on normal for the epic version, she is much easier to kill. Targo’s helm doesn’t have conversion anymore so it’s not doing anything for the build.

Imo Targo is good choice until you have Callagadra because of ele-> phys conversion. After Targo nerf I tested it, was pretty close to Callagadra. She can be killed on elite much easier than on Ultimate and there her legendary version drops.

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Endless kiting is not my cup of tea, I don’t find it enjoyable in the least, so the ultimate mode Callagdra’s Visage is out of the question for me.

So, the easy mode lvl 75 Callagdra’s hat would be better than most anything else?

Edit: Well, the Visage dropped from the elite mode Calla, so I guess my question is moot. :smiley: Now if only those stupid Sethris rings would drop…