[] [HC] Hybrid Retal EoR Warlord - SR85+ [g4][c][sr+][vid]

Hey Guys,

I’ve been playing this build for about 8 months now. It’s been one of the very few HC specs in our group to farm high SR reasonably fast while showing good consistency and reliability.

Credits to @sir_spanksalot for all his help polishing the spec!

I’ll fill in the blanks here later on today, but for now, here’s the build -

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR5W1vV
The rings have been added after Used to have well rolled greens before.

Crucible 100-150 (will add 170 in a bit) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNLfh-czQ1o&t=1010s

SR 75 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ij19KGT80Y&feature=youtu.be
I’ve pushed it all the way to 85 in HC but don’t have a video. Will record a new one.


Build overview

To achieve good performance we make use of the Sentinel set and mythical Agony but convert most acid damage to physical with the help of Targo helmet and Ugdenbog’s belt (~95% conversion with good rolls). We lose a bit of that conversion thanks to the mace, so try to get one with the lowest phys to acid (13% is the one I’m using). Now that our retal damage is mostly physical, we can mix and match acidic items with good bonuses (set + mace) to maximize the damage output.

Secondly, we get EoR thanks to the mace’s 6% RTA added to attack to EoR. This essentially lets us spin for additional 130K DPS and the cherry on top - 18% damage reduction from Soulfire!

Another very strong aspect of this build is that we are using the Honor relic instead of Absolution! Why? Because of its shotgun ability - Vire’s Cascade. It can pretty much oneshot bosses and heroes and has a low 3 sec cooldown.

That’s about it. The rest of the items and devotions are pretty standard.

To be updated…


The scariest thing about that is that it’s probably showing the greatest damage done by a single projectile from honor.

Retal power :muscle:


Now that I’m looking at it, not quite sure the damage is from this setup though. Over the past several months I changed it three times. There are two more unique retal builds waiting to be posted, once the HC group lifts the embargo :wink:

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My guess was is that you rolled a really lucky crit on some trash mob while fully buffed in SR.

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dammn, I’m so mad now, trying to farm that Deathstalker relic…

BTW, speaking of frustration, I’m at 34 consecutive Deathstalker kills now and still no BP. Recording every kill!

Vaguely, mate :rofl:

Seems great mate!

I would like to read about a semi-detailed leveling guide. Attribs, devos, skills, gear advices until “BIS” items and sooo on. :slight_smile:


I level every Oathkeeper based build like this - [] Dreeg's Dreidel - 2H Acid EoR Dervish - Beginner friendly MC farmer!
All you need is the sword at level 58
And it looks like this till the end - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFSOnEa6teU&t=151s
Once you have the sentinel set and the mace it’s time to respec into the final set up.

[notworthy] :sweat_smile:

true i was looking for the levling guide too becouse the build seems really nice, but on dreegs build he use nightblade at lvl 35 that makes the levling for warlord kind of uslees, i dont know when to start to get points on soldier or.

Doesn’t matter. Finish the Oathkeeper first, then move to soldier. As long as you have EoR and Celestial presence maxed out, the levelling process is very fast and easy. Just get Blitz for mobility after you maxed EoR.

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If possible, please show epic/legendary alternatives for equipment (rings/medal/amulet & etc), thx!

which type of rune use u on ur medal?

Before the patch I was using well rolled Creeping rings. For amulet and medal use anything that gives + % to all retaliation + flat retal physical or acid. Ikrix Scale or even winter crest would work here.

Dark Progenitor for DA/OA shred.

I’m trying this build but can’t for the life of me to get the devotions to work…granted I’m crap at figuring out devotions.
I can get Vires, but can’t get obelisk to work
can anyone lay down a path for me

Just noticed this build now. Turns out the best way to make use of retal EoR is still by going phys lmao. Still, nice job making use of it!

I’m pretty sure it’s by normal retal on a low phys res enemy with full RR. Zucc had 800k max damage dealt before I equipped honor and there’s no way drain essence deals that much in a single tick.

that actually makes far more sense

What would you recommend as a substitute to the rings? I’m trying to farm them but I need something in the meantime.


Much better for survival, easy 150-170 crucible on last difficulty ~10 min …
Acquired by power shopping in https://grimdawn.gamepedia.com/Challenge_Dungeons#Ancient_Grove (switch level for 7-10 sec and return to shop)