[] Dreeg's Dreidel - 2H Acid EoR Dervish - Beginner friendly MC farmer!

Now you see me… Now you don’t…

For a while now, I’ve been looking to make an acid EoR. But not the mainstream DW. Not a piano style either. I wanted to make a build that offers the following perks:

  1. Spin to win
  2. Easy to level 1-100 without the need to change builds during leveling or farm rare gear
  3. Easy to gear once you reach 94
  4. Fast. Fast. Very Fast! Very mobile!
  5. Minimum buttons to press
  6. Minimum procs to watch for
  7. HC friendly!

This build addresses all of these points and offers even more quality of life!

And here you go - Dreeg’s Dreidel

The Build - GT - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLdjrMV
The above is more of an endgame-ish setup. All items are farmable. Even the rarest ones can easily be replaced with whatever you have available. You lose a bit of damage, but the build is strong and very forgiving. I actually tested it in Ultimate while having zero endgame items, using a level 58 weapon and was melting bosses quite ok at low 120k sheet dps.

Endgame setup has 210-230K sheet EoR DPS!


Performance in MC (Warden kill) - https://youtu.be/Ey2YHhOCddI

The core of the build - Dreegal’anore - mighty 2H sword which helps us convert physical and elemental damage to acid. With this sword, the build is able to achieve

100% Elemental to Acid
90% Physical to Acid - depending on the rolls

So what’s so good about this acid EoR if there’s no other supporting gear, no attack speed on the weapon, no EoR bonuses on most of the items?? WTH?

Well, please address all complaints to the devs lol

As is we are still able to work it out even without supporting sets like cyclone or dunefiend. So there!

The Concept is very simple

For damage, we max out Eye of Reckoning, Merciless Repertoire and Path of the Three.
For Resist Reductions we max out Nightchill, Celestial Presence, Rumour and Manticore. That is around 130-140% RR. And the beauty is, all this RR is happening instantly and without the need to press any buttons! You just spin and win!
It downs bosses very fast!
It looks like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVSCMigD8X0&feature=youtu.be

This build is not without fireworks and fun procs either! You get Yugol’s blood + Meteor (full Acid) Shower! Plus Guardian Gaze, of course, which is quite amazing for this spec.

Is there a better setup in terms of devotions? Damage wise? Sure!
Here’s @sir_spanksalot recommended version which uses Dying God, Aeon and Revenant
Personally, I wanted to minimize the need track cooldowns and finally give some love to Manticore!

And for those who want to try this build - here’s the complete leveling process -

There are 20 parts lol, hope you find it useful. The same approach can be used to level Warlords, Sentinels and pretty much any EoR based build. You can always respec upon hitting 94.

Edit: Here’s a summary of the leveling process:

Skill Tree:

  1. Take the first two nodes of Aegis of Menhir and reach level 10 (can be done in 5 min in crucible).
  2. Refund all the points and get EoR!
  3. Put one point into the Guardians - they help a ton at the beginning.
  4. Reach the second node of EoR and Guardians (Celestial presence). Transmute the guardians to Acid!
  5. At this point you should aim to max EoR, Path of the Three and Celestial presence
  6. Put a couple of points into Resilience, Presence of Virtue and Vire’s Might (mobility)
  7. Start working on the Nightblade mastery - reach Shadow Strike, put a couple points into Veil of Shadow and Night’s Chill.
  8. Aim to get Blade Spirits at this point (I like to bind them to Rumor or Manticore for easy RR)
  9. That’s it. Just fill in the gaps as you progress depending on what you need the most based on current itemization


  1. Green Crossroads -> Eye of the Guardian (Bind to EoR)
  2. Blue Crossroads -> Eel
  3. Red Crossroads -> Ghoul (Bind to Path of the Three)
  4. Behemoth (Bind to Presence of Virtue), Murmur (bind to Guardians), Manticore (Bind to Blade Spirits)
  5. Spider -> Ulzuin’s Torch (bind to Shadow Strike)
  6. Kraken
  7. Refund all the crossroads.
  8. Here you have a ton of options. Either get the Hawk and Abomination, or Raven + Yugol. I’m currently testing Hawk + Jackal + 5 points into Revenant and it works great so far as both Abomination and Yugol are meh in terms of damage. Fully acid meteor shower (Ulzuin’s torch) is stronger than both of these combined.

Can this build handle Crucible? With some adjustments. You will absolutely need to fix CC resistances. Same goes for SR. I might add those adjustments as more testing is done.

For now, I think it’s pretty solid. Enjoy!


Very nice :dizzy:
Do you plan to pass SR 75|76 or Cruc 151|170 ?

Really amazing writeup, btw for a full physical damage Warlord, would you recommend the same set of devotions ? And for physical warlords is there a good BiS weapon that’s not that hard to get like there is one for Dervish EoR ?

Nice build.
But “easy to gear”?
I woulnt call Valdarans of Scorched ends as well as Rings of Shuroth that.
It´s nice to see that you come by with this combo. Though I think good old Dunefiend should even be more sturdy. 100k dps more plus 5% lifeleech on EoR itself

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As far as end game gearing goes, I think any MI item with only one rare affix is east to get. Just look at all the loot you get from 1x SR clear

Assuming you play 5h a week, you can easily do 50 runs.

As for rings of shuroth…what’re the drop rates for those?

@contragor: Nice build mate. <3

Any chance you could share the character folder, I’m rather curious about its aeon’s/DG performance

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@sir_spanksalot I think the drop rate on the rings is 1.89%. :confused:

Well. I guess I can just go fuck myself. :rofl:

Say hello to the new alkamos rings

And that drop rate is gated beyond another layer of rng, since each ring drops from its respective mage, so each run you have 2/8 chances to encounter the mage you want…

GDstash beckons, my young initiate.


1,89% from the respective enemy. Who has a 2 out of 7 chance to spawn per run. Is that equal to 0,54% chance per run?

Yes, so I would say 200-300 runs should net you the ring you want.

gd stash is already on

It is @klasperstanze

I don’t know*. What you can do, however, is import the game’s database into any version of GDstash and you’ll have all the loot available to you

ah! right! that´s how it works. THX.

quick side question:
When I play GD, and I import Items from GD stash I updated 3 years ago. Will I be able to play with crafted Items from lets say

As in, will you be able to craft items from 1.1.4?

yes (10 chars)

No. I don’t believe so. Not unless you roll GD back to 1.1.4.

Regardless, even if you don’t update GDstash, any item you craft will take on the properties of GD’s latest version

Alright. Seems fair.