[] [HC] Hybrid Retal EoR Warlord - SR85+ [g4][c][sr+][vid]

My guess was is that you rolled a really lucky crit on some trash mob while fully buffed in SR.

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dammn, I’m so mad now, trying to farm that Deathstalker relic…

BTW, speaking of frustration, I’m at 34 consecutive Deathstalker kills now and still no BP. Recording every kill!

Vaguely, mate :rofl:

Seems great mate!

I would like to read about a semi-detailed leveling guide. Attribs, devos, skills, gear advices until “BIS” items and sooo on. :slight_smile:


I level every Oathkeeper based build like this - [] Dreeg's Dreidel - 2H Acid EoR Dervish - Beginner friendly MC farmer!
All you need is the sword at level 58
And it looks like this till the end - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFSOnEa6teU&t=151s
Once you have the sentinel set and the mace it’s time to respec into the final set up.

[notworthy] :sweat_smile:

true i was looking for the levling guide too becouse the build seems really nice, but on dreegs build he use nightblade at lvl 35 that makes the levling for warlord kind of uslees, i dont know when to start to get points on soldier or.

Doesn’t matter. Finish the Oathkeeper first, then move to soldier. As long as you have EoR and Celestial presence maxed out, the levelling process is very fast and easy. Just get Blitz for mobility after you maxed EoR.

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If possible, please show epic/legendary alternatives for equipment (rings/medal/amulet & etc), thx!

which type of rune use u on ur medal?

Before the patch I was using well rolled Creeping rings. For amulet and medal use anything that gives + % to all retaliation + flat retal physical or acid. Ikrix Scale or even winter crest would work here.

Dark Progenitor for DA/OA shred.

I’m trying this build but can’t for the life of me to get the devotions to work…granted I’m crap at figuring out devotions.
I can get Vires, but can’t get obelisk to work
can anyone lay down a path for me

Just noticed this build now. Turns out the best way to make use of retal EoR is still by going phys lmao. Still, nice job making use of it!

I’m pretty sure it’s by normal retal on a low phys res enemy with full RR. Zucc had 800k max damage dealt before I equipped honor and there’s no way drain essence deals that much in a single tick.

that actually makes far more sense

What would you recommend as a substitute to the rings? I’m trying to farm them but I need something in the meantime.


Much better for survival, easy 150-170 crucible on last difficulty ~10 min …
Acquired by power shopping in https://grimdawn.gamepedia.com/Challenge_Dungeons#Ancient_Grove (switch level for 7-10 sec and return to shop)

Anvil can multi up to 5x hammers, each deals ~40k dmg, dont drop it bro.

Hi @Contragor between this and your Dreeg’s Dreidel, which one do you think is better for farming SR 75/76?
Still leveling my 2nd char the Oathkeeper and can’t decide which second class to go as I have a couple of both items for end game.

This, hands down. It can speed farm 80+ in hardcore. 75-76 can be done half asleep and the clearing speed is insane.