Is there a 2H MELEE ACID build that's viable for SR75?

It’s all I want from life. Even if it’s semi-applicable I can tweak and work with it. I don’t mind dying sometimes if this build can go get 'em.
I’ve wanted to do a 2H melee poison end-game build forever, but I can never make it work long term.
Please help me achieve my dream!
Suggest away, I’m open to anything insane.

in fact the more theory-craft the better

Contragor has a two-handed Dervish build that uses the Dreeg 2H sword I can never spell. It’s on the forum, I’ve not tried it on SR but I imagine it’s viable.

This one?

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I love it already

I tried it recently, it’s hella fun

Well if EoR counts as melee to you then sure, try Contragor’s EoR build.

I have some doubts it’s viable for SR75, but SR65 should be ok.

^ That’s the Badger!

Dreegal’anore is 99% caster sword and 1% melee. You can look here if you want. This build is very good and easy to play

Hard to play and you’ll die in SR75-76 for sure but you’ll complete almost any shard with any mutators eventually because it’s hit-n-run playstyle.

Green items can improve performance.


Looks like any way you slice it Dervish is the way to go for melee poison.

This build is a lot of fun. Almost lv60 and doing decent damage, tons of acid and poison which is perfect. Tweaked the Devotions to my liking.

Where are your components?

This is just half way. I’m leveling so fast there’s not really any point investing in components for now since the gear will be replaced in a day or two.

I’ll post a final build when I max out and get some of the gear I want.

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