Help with choosing an EoR build


after some time away from the game i want to start playing again. This time with an Eye of Reckoning build. So far i identified three build variants that sound interesting:

  • Fire Shieldbreaker
  • Physical Warlord
  • Lightning Archon

I got some items stashed away but have not completed a full set for either build.

Which of the mentioned builds has the most potential in endgame?
Which build is best suited for farming the missing item pieces?
Does a forum guide exist for that build?

I hope someone with experience can help me here.

Thank you in advance!


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There’s also Acid EoR. Something like this

but maybe there are more up-to-date links

and chaos [] Spinning Chaos; The Reckoning of Tenebris - 2H Chaos EoR Sentinel - 6:30 average 170

and aether… etc


Highest possible sheet DPS for EoR is acid version, here’s mine. With Lethal Assault changes, you can drop it entirely.

Fire Cyclone SB, little outdated:

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Thank you very much guys, i will have a look at those builds :grinning:

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Here are all my spinners.

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Actually chaos sheet dps is higher than acid… It pushes near 750k in crucible.

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My bad, I forgot about this abomination. :smile:

Acid also can go over 500k but not to that insane levels.

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In terms of effective dps they are fairly close due to better rr on the acid version.

No love for fire Paladins?
It’s not a speed demon but it’s practically unkillable because of Seal. Deadly Aim for juicy crits, Aura of Censure for passive RR (which is IMO very important since your main damage source is a channelling ability - no time to cast other skills) and Word of Renewal for self-heal and CC defence (another important thing for a channelling build).
Personally I also went for Light of Empyrion for automated orbital laser with damage reduction. I took Scales of Ulcama along the way for life and energy leech. Not as fancy Ulzuin’s Torch route (and a lot less fire damage) but I managed to squeeze in Solael’s Witchfire and Magi (which tbh seems stronger than Meteor Shower, especially when you bind it to Guardians and they just spam it).

And you can use Riftclaw Slicers which are really easy to farm (it takes ~1 min to get from riftgate to a boss who drops them). Even with cheap affixes you can easily get +40% attack speed while dual-wielding and you can use them since ~35lv.

Dunno about the end-game, though. I kinda did this build without a plan :stuck_out_tongue:

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you already have damage reduction on soulfire AND aura of censure on EoR paladin, and damage reduction does not stack anyways so…

welp, that’s a bummer. But I took it mostly because “on hit” proc so I don’t have to stop spinning to proc devotions. I could get Phoenix or even Eye of Korvaak and replace some tier 1 devotion on Seal with it but dunno if it’s worth it.

seal is nice to proc stuff on, you are gonna stand on it and spin as you said anyway (but not phoenix because then the seal will get the proc and not you because seal is pseudopet)

You can also get chariot of the dead, nice armor boost.

I recommend the Templar

Why are you using manifestation? To convert meteor shower a bit more?

use mainfestation

not mainfestation

That’s right, the Meteor shower damage is also increased

Because swords already convert all physical damage to EoR to fire damage. EoR damage should be the same. That is pretty strange.

It’s because soulfire damage remains.