[] Dreeg's Dreidel - 2H Acid EoR Dervish - Beginner friendly MC farmer!

Nice build, always wanted to use/see this weapon. So you found application for the big 2H weapons- you don’t swing them but spin with them 2win :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t need either of these for the build to work fine. I leveled with self found gear all the way to 94 in HC. The build works really well with just any valdaran shoulders and eternal band rings or even any green rings with good resistances and maybe 1 “of scorched ends” affix. It’s super easy to gear and rewarding from the start.

I do. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

It’s very similar. The same devotions work just fine. As for the sword, you could go with any good 2H for leveling. I used Slithbane at first, then Nightshade’s reach. Even a well rolled green would work. The damage of course will be lower, but there’s enough fireworks from the start to melt things fast.

Sure thing mate - _Contra Dervish.zip (692.3 KB)

Does the good old Dunefiend offer QoL like no need to ever gobble energy potions? :stuck_out_tongue: Or watch for cooldowns? Can I actually efficiently play it with just one button? As for performance, when you already melt bosses in under 5 sec, does it really mater that much if it’s 4.5 or 5? Actually, I’m not even sure if the total damage output of dunefiend is higher at all. Going to compare now…


Great looking build you have here @Contragor! Thanks for the savefile to play around with. I fiddled around and came up with some changes I think you might find useful (and it doesn’t include Aeon since I don’t want to track CD as well…): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxlzpJV

Going Revenant and having other changes in this setup nets you 12% more Attack Speed and about 13% more Crit Damage. Using Crushing Verdit from Judgment gets you approximately 300 more effective OA here and it’s really easy to cast. Plus it’s CD is less than 3 seconds using Dreegal’anore!

Hope it may help, but I figured you may just be looking to use the under-utilized Devotions here in your example. I also was going to suggest Bat, but Guardian’s Gaze is much better here with the added ADctH from

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I like your devotion setup a lot. It would work great to max out performance. Problem with Revenant is that you can’t bind it to your pets, thus having to cast another skill. So, you have two extra skills - Judgement and Ring of steel. Is the extra damage worth the quality of life sacrifice? Another thing is, it still takes time for the skellies to appear and start applying the RR to mobs, while with my original setup the 28 RR is applied instantly to every mob in a 4m radius. Guess, more testing needs to be done to see how it affects the clearing speed.


The problem I find with relying on Blade Spirits and Empyrion Bro’s to proc Devotions/RR is they usually lag behind and the application chance is low. Using Judgment gives you a easy high-chance application of Murmur as well as the DA debuff over a large area. RoS isn’t so bad either since it’s just SS to the group, Judgment, RoS and then Spin2Win. The other plus is tighter grouping with Judgment.

Not sure if there’s much overall difference here, but it is a different flavor to try. :slight_smile:

I figure it a wash between RR application ways but the higher AS and critical damage would help more since EoR/Guardian’s Gaze carries the build.

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Fair enough, let me test it. Also, your setup gives better resistance overcaps which is a big thing, especially in HC!

I’d be tempted to use the Amatok Rune rather than VM here. It has less CD (in spite of your cdr to vire) and very good DoT and you have full elemental convert anyways. Also it saves a skill point.

It probably would mean you don’t need the SS point, either - unless you keep this for rarer movement needs.

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Amatok is pretty good! I was actually planning to use the Dark Progenitor for 140 OA and DA shred. All three can be used for extra mobility. SS is perfect for covering great distances in MC as well as proccing meteor shower.

Any chance you have a text leveling process, I’ve watched some of your videos, just a lot to watch for the full 1-100 skill tree points and devotions.


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For sure! I totally get it, watching 10 hours of vids might not be very efficient lol

Let me add it.

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Added a leveling summary! Hope this helps

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very very interesting build!
gonna try it for sure :slight_smile:

btw is there any substitute for shoulders?

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To answer questions about mid game performance and possibility of going self found in HC with this spec, I leveled a fresh char to 100 and am using only self found / crafted items and a couple items borrowed from my other char. Don’t even have all the blueprints for seals and other level 75 components yet, lol.
Here’s the performance at level 100 -


here’s the Grimtools link - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV97v6vN

EoR is @ 210K here, with a lot of room for improvement.

The Rings are probably the rarest Legendary Item in the game currently. I did 100 Tomb Runs previously, gonna do it again now this time I write my runs down

You can follow it here:

135 Runs in, which tooked me quite a while, not a single Legendary MI Magi Ring. Extremely rare. If someone has two of the same one farmed legit, he is crazy lucky.

Cool build btw. I love Acid EoR!

  • Vael

Yeah, definitely very rare for sure! The good news is that the build can function just fine without the 2x M. Ring of Shuroth. Instead you can use 2x M. Widow’s Sting and do just fine. :slight_smile:

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The rings are rare for sure, but they are not defining the build. These rings are the icing on the cake for many builds now.

Eternal bands or good greens work just fine. :smiley:

Here’s the current level of performance on this self found char - https://youtu.be/vgdg1y5tXoc

Using this spec - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV97v6vN

Very iconic build.
a small suggestion though, To bump up the slow resistance is quite necessary for any EoR build

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Absolutely! Could use Magelord greaves without losing much damage.

Just tested the same setup on a warlord (leveling 1-100) and it works just as great! Comparable if not better than physical/elemental EoR. Note, this is only correct for leveling purposes. Bottom line, you can use the same approach to level Warlords, Sentinels, Dervishes and I’m pretty sure any other class paired with Oathkeeper.

I’ve been playing around with the build and have a great setup I’d like to share with you @Contragor. I swapped out a bunch of the equipment and changed Devotions a bit. Last night I had no problem fighting Gabal’Thunn, a bunch of Heroes as well as Grava’Thul at the same time in the Cinder Wastes - pretty solid in my opinion!

Check it out: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B1K8jN

Effective OA is 3500 when enemies are under effects of Judgment. CC resistances are well covered and RR is granted by RoS mods from the gloves which freed up quite a bit of points. Twin Fangs on BS is great and helps with sustain. Energy has not been an issue. Not sure if this might help you in HC, but figured I would pass along the current iteration I’m playing.

Thanks again for posting your build. I’ve been having a blast flying around the campaign tearing it up. :sunglasses: