[] [HC] The Immortal Army - Pet Dervish - Beginner Friendly Pet build! Super fast MC farmer!

It would break the popular Dark One set Blightlord set.

I seem to remember Blightlord being about fire RE? Care to point towards a vit RE Oppressor? :slight_smile:

you can do vit too [] Buffed Fire Blightlord? Nope - PURE VITALITY BLIGHTLORD OPPRESSOR- as fast as 6:34 150-170

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Better link @thejabrixone version. It’s updated.

I wish I could but there is no thejabrixone oppressor in the bible… i mean the compendium

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Yeah sorry, I am too lazy to put all of my build in compendium… :laughing:

Thanks @Trudel!


so you mean I have to do inferior builds due to your laziness? :zantai:


Thank you so much for posting this build. Having a TON of fun with it. Again, thank you.

posts GT link with 5 double rare affix greens LOL LOL LOL :smiley: and two purple Magi rings

yeah, right… :smiley:


Regardless of the GT link and wether or not it was GDstashed, i can attest to the fact that this build is the fastest, easiest MC farmer I have ever played. Thanks to this build, i have stuffed my entire stash in HC and unlocked mountains of blueprints, where before both areas of the game were practically vacant.

Granted im a noob, but still, this build practically plays itself and will melt shit all over the MC. The 2 hander is easy to get and its really the most significant piece for a long time, magi helm is next which is easy considering how easy it is to farm with this guy. Self found is definitely doable for majority of content.

Also, I may be partial to this build because its the first and only build posted on the forums that was easy enough for me to run without even caring about gear at all. One time i died and lost everything. I got it back super fast. With how efficient the build is at farming MC, i wouldnt be surprised if the GT link he did post wasnt GDstashed.

I am basically just asking for some kind of very budget goal build, there are plenty of good faction gear for this kind of build (I even have one myself).

And posting that GDstash only build and then saying that author refuse to GDstash…


but its not a GDstash only build. What are you intending to do with the build? Its meant to be a MC farmer primarily.

By nature this build is the essence of budget goal

if its not a GDstash only build, why just not show a reasonable goal build? (like similar to what I do, a “minimal” build).

Does that answer the question?

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its my opinion thats what he did just by sharing the build in general, if you dont get hung up on the GT link. As far as goal is concerned, i guess the GT link could possibly be a lofty one? Im honestly not even sure. Never got one of those magi rings but then again, i havent ever seen a reason to, as I am not one who spends a lot of time in the endgame or finalizing my builds. I usually get inspired by ideas on here and jump to a new one between 75 and 94. This one i jumped at 75, so i dont know if thats too early to be able to got those rings or what but all i known is this build basically unlocked my entire stash and shared stash, and got a ton of blueprints for me, got me a TON of resources that i can now use in HC to assist my HC classless builds. For me that was my goal with it. So maybe “goal” is relative to the individual player?

In that sense, if your goal is to get all those items in that GT link, I guess you could just ask him how he was able to do it without GDstash instead of coming at him like hes a fraud. Maybe im wrong, maybe he is… but remember, this guy beat HC Classless all the way through Ultimate. I dont think hed be a fraud here. Perhaps he was just sharing a GT link with best possible gearing options for the build, were someone so inclined to have the aspirations to farm for them.

Maybe, I guess I just have to wait for the author to reply.

I mean I can just do my own guide for this kinda build, I have a sketch already (made it before I know about the existance of this thread)

This is my sketch https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d058d2

  • important to get phys to acid conversion OR +% acid dmg on the weapon. You farm in a dungeon southwest of Fort Ikon. You need to side with deaths vigil in order to farm him! Its 50% drop chance so should be rather easy to get a decent one already at lower levels. He also drops another maul, that has other core stats (skill modifiers to fire strike) - you want the one that gives skill modifiers to guardian of empyrion!
  • Rings are easy to farm from Viloth from devils crossing cellar. About 50% drop chance. Aim for rolls that covers resistances, DA & OA
  • Belt is faction, also exist in lower tier version. Craft a few and use the one(s) that covers resistances, DA & OA
  • Boots are faction, there are plenty of other good faction boots but I like these ones for the phys res
  • Magi helm and armor, not super easy to farm since you need to do a pretty long quest first and use skeleton keys. The GT link uses lower level ones. Regarding rolls, get a few and use the ones that covers res, DA & OA (you kinda know this by know)
  • Gloves - tanky and pretty common drop. There are also lower versions one can use. Good about the gloves is that they are part of a set. With the set transmutation feature, you just need one piece from that set and some eldritch essence and you can get those gloves with high probability.
  • medal and amulet: faction ones to boost dmg and skill ranks. You can “vendor” farm the vendor in the FG skeleton key dungeon for blueprints to conduits. The one that gives +1 nightblade skills can roll with +1 summon limit to blade spirits. In order to farm the vendor, just go back to the previous area, wait there 30 seconds, and the go back - the vendor has now updated his inventory!
  • pants, just use any with high resistances and stats. I like to farm the solael boss (part of the Hidden Path secret quest) high drop chance (40%) so should be perfectly doable to get a handful of them and select from.
  • Relic: endurace for +1 OK skills, faction. Use this until you have blueprint and can craft nemesis or deathstalker (this blueprint drops only from a particular manticore boss in the ancient grove, low drop chance 6% only so do not get your hopes out for getting this in a near future).

The GDSTASH’ed link was provided as per multiple requests for ultimate endgame setup. I play without GDStash unless it’s to run a quick test and then remove that char with all its gear.

Are you bored?


Ok, thanks for clarification!

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Just wanted to drop a quick thank you. It’s definitely the fastest levelling build I’ve played and it sure is fun. It really gets rolling once you get the mace, allthough I don’t see how you’d get it at level 20, considering the lowest enemy-level for barthollems tomb is 33. Plus beginners don’t have access to merit tokens. Do you actually need the corresponding quest from Deaths Vigil or is it sufficient to be alligned with them for Barthollem to spawn?

Three movement skills allow you use lokarr’s for a long time (I’m currently 57). It’s great zipping around, procing devotions and avoiding damage while your minions wreck everything. :smile: