[] a Knight in Melted Armor - Blightlord Based, Full Vitality GoE Oppressor

15th March 2020 Update 1: Updated for new patch. Additional GoE, 2x Prime Ring of Morgoneth; increasing Biting Blade DPS by 28%.

The Build

With all permanent buff + Ascension, Soul Harvest, and Hungering Void.
DPS shown is Biting Blades.

Old GT, should still be useable though:

Build Feature


  • Fucking Insane cruci clear speed
  • Very resilient, hard to die in cruci


  • Health regen is almost none due to blood rite + hungering void cost
Build Overview

Shout-out to @x1x1x1x2, @Cinder, and @RektbyProtoss who all have taken a chance in making blightlord oppressor. This is my take on it.

This is my 2nd blightlord build, trying to make blightlord’s GoE able to inflict decent damage. Transmuted GoE is funny, it deals mostly acid damage, but the itemization available for it is only fire and vitality. Thus to convert all of them to vitality, we will make use of Mythical Blood Orb of Ch’thon.

For you guys that don’t know, Guardian of Empyrion’s (and storm totem’s) transmuter is special, it is giving a new pet altogether. This makes the new pet can be affected by another damage conversion. Then Ravenous earth is used for another monster damage dealer, as supported by the set. Biting blades is used for spam skill filler, where half of its damage is converted to vitality. Credit to @sir_spanksalot who has shown it to be a good spam skill for vitality with his vitality dark one ritualist.

Equipment Choices


  • Craft equipment at whoever you want, %physique will be nice or freeze res.
  • Get as much pierce > vitality conversion as possible.
  • Get max cast speed.

Core Items:

  • The Blightlord Set
  • Off Hand: Mythical Blood Orb of Ch’thon [build defining item, converting all acid from GoE and biting blades to vitality]
  • Medal: Basilisk Crest. [For faster RE casting. I got lucky with my prefix here getting +2 to GoE. If you don’t have it. Swap one rings for Mythical Signet of the Damned]

Supporting Items:

  • Chest + Gloves: Dark One’s pieces. [Relevant skill bonus, nice 2 piece stats bonus.]
  • Pants: Grava’Thul’s Legguards. [Giving +6%RR for Oppressor, I also want more +celestial presence. Psyche suffix is nice for spirit. Use whatever affix you like though]
    Alternative Pants: Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings. [is always nice]
  • Boots: Mythical Boneshatter Treads. [One of the best vitality boots, giving a nice OA, slow res, and life leech res.]
  • Rings: 2x Prime Ring of Morgoneth. [Rare pierce>Vitality conversion, good stats, good damaging proc.]
    Alternative Rings: Mythical Cursebearer and Mythical Signet of the Damned. [Cursebearer is always nice, signet of the damned if you don’t have +2 GoE prefix in the basilisk crest medal]
  • Belt: Mythical String of Maggots. [Just a Vitality necromancer belt with good stats.]
  • Relic: Meditation. [+240% Vitality damage and 50 flat vitality damage. Get completion bonus for celestial presence]
  • Movement Rune: Rune of Vampiric Shadows [For more nuke and leech].

Vitality devo with wendigo

Twin Fangs > to Ravenous Earth
Wendigo’s Mark > to Summon Guardian of Empyrion
Raise the Dead > to Biting Blades
Hungering Void > to Vampiric Shadows
Will of Rattosh > to Bone Harvest


LMB: Biting Blades
RMB: Point to Move
Keyboard 1: Vire’s Might
Keyboard 2: Mark of Torment
Keyboard 3: Ravenous Earth
Keyboard 4: Bone Harvest
Keyboard 5: Vampiric Shadows
Keyboard 6: Ascension

Standard procedure:
Cast Bone Harvest to proc Rattosh on multiple enemies.
Cast Ravenous Earth inside the enemy’s horde, triggering continuous twin fangs.
Cast Ascension, just cast it every time it’s ready.
Vampiric Shadows / Vire’s might in.
Hold biting blade button while mashing RE, BH, and Vampiric Shadows buttons.

You will always want to be in the center of arena in all waves.
In boss / nemeses waves, you want the enemy to be in front of you for effective biting blades damage.

Use Mark of Torment if you want to be a rambo and facetanking Alek Meteor while being surrounded by multiple nemeses. It can also help killing Kuba faster.

Facetanking Madqueen rage mode is not recommended. Just cast RE and BH to her, kite while attacking other enemies when she’s in red aura, then kill her when the aura is down.

Build Performance


New video with 3 buff, 3 L1 storm beacon, and 1 L2 storm beacon:

5:05 clear time. Current fastest, slowest is 5:25. It kills quickly, can’t die in cruci. Always get 4 cruci clear in one duration of the buffs.

I got 5 sec faster with softcaping BH, but build feels a bit glassier with only one pointer Haven and spirit dump, so not worth the trouble IMO.

Old video with 3 buff and 4x L1 stormcaller beacon:
5:15 clear time.

Shattered Realm:
Haven’t check. Should be good though.

Enjoy… :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t believe after lunch meant 6pm :rofl:

Technically it is still after lunch… :rofl:

Nice, another Blightlord joins the club, gj Jabrix! Love the full vit guardians.

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Sick performance, Jabby!

Few questions:

  • Does Wendigo Mark heal you when bound to Guardians?
  • How many coins to set up 4 Storm beacons?
  • Do 25/16 Guardians really do damage? Shouldn’t something like maximised Bone Harvest line be more damage at the end?
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5 each, so total 20. Actually cheaper than 1 fully leveled beacon/banner (25)

Yes, because its damage is full vitalityx3. It’s no chillwhisper’s blade spirit, but can really feel the damage when they ganged up nemesis/bosses. I think you can see it from the video.

No, unconverted bone harvest damage with 1h and quite long cd is bound to be meh.

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dats whut i do, boooooooi.

Glad to see that changing the belt lowered the clear speed by a massive 20-30s.

And it’s always awesome to see a GoE focused build


We’ve been through this mate :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to imitate build discussion here, mate, I know Jabrix has probably already min-maxed everything


You can never tell with commie rats. They say one thing, then do another. <3

@thejabrixone: Given that you’re using beacons, have you considered forgoing raise the dead?

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Damn, I feel so stupid using crimson lotus with blood orb… Fortunately you remind me… :rofl:

I think no. I prefer to make the build working in all game mode. The skeletons actually inflict a decent damage damage too.

BTW, tested storm beacons in my recent builds and kinda have a mixed feeling about it. Seems like this vitality build is the best with it.

Interesting…why vitality?

Lightning spec performed worse?

Lightning makes it more damaging, but this vitality just make it more consistent because I can herd all enemy to the center with 0 worries. Sitting in center podium makes all the 4 beacons hitting all enemies like no tomorrow. But not all build can afford it, some still need to have clever positioning.

In theory all the builds that has big elemental RR should work good with this beacon setup though. Need more sample to judge.

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Makes sense. Didn’t really think about positioning because it’s just so intuitive to me.

Welcome to the Blightlord club!

Guardians doing damage? Oh, I need to try them out.

Damn guys, this is not the first time I build a blightlord… :smile:

The damage type need to be converted to one type as much as possible though…

Take what you get! Next time which you post Blightlord will write you the same.

So nice to see the first Blightlord character you build! Silent thanks, less than three.

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Build is updated for with Morgoneth rings and One more Guardian Bros…

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Hey, been trying this build out in SR 75-76, and I feel like I’m missing something.

The damage is good, but it randomly gets chunked for 80% hp even on normal enemies. It seems super random, and I’m not sure if it has something to do with not having overcapped resists, or what, but the consistency just doesn’t seem great. Makes running SR a mildly stressful event lol.

Anything that needs to moved around for content outside of CR, or maybe I can adjust components and augments?

It’s still a caster build… pure melee hits can hit you hard, coz of low armour, low armour absorb and okish physical resist (not including resilience buff).

But as long as you dont get one-shot you should be fine coz of the very high sustain this build has. Biting Blades has 70% WD dont underestimated the healing this skill does coz of the WD.

This does mean that you have to damage and proc stuff so you can leech life back. Dealing damage on the move is important for this (aka piloting skills).

The build also has above average cdr so really use ascension and mark of torment frequently.

Thanks @ColdistheVoid for helping answering… :slight_smile:

So few things that need to be take note of from this build:

  • It has non existent health regen due to dying god + blood orb passive
  • no active heal
  • no overcap in vit, so don’t hit reflect enemy carelessly. Or use your other green items to cover for more res
  • Rely on devo proc to heal and leech, so proc your devo first before going facetanking
  • This build has huge CDR (38% max), maximize its advantage, use ascension often. Use mark of torment if you feel in danger.
  • I have 40 points in spirit here. If you feel it’s too much, put some in physique for more DA.