[] a Knight in Melted Armor - Blightlord Based, Full Vitality GoE Oppressor

anyone smart-assed this already? It´s MOLTEN Armor. :slight_smile:

Thanks grammar Nazi… :slight_smile:

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These Blightlord builds look fun! I’m comparing yours to the one Nery made here…

I noticed his is a little more defensive with higher physique and armor. I’m planning on meeting somewhere in the middle I think. I see yours has +15 health regen, which I really like for the Blood Orb debuff. I’ve been looking over the two builds and I can’t figure out where you are getting that extra health regen from. What’s giving the extra regen in your build?

It’s from the new armor augment from FG. Give about +16 health Regen per component iirc.

You can also use mark of mogdrogen component or something in boots for more health Regen.