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Leveling is very easy
Choose OK and his Aegis of Menhir skill (all nodes and up them if you see how long enemies kills)
Than go to Guardian of Empyrion (and max RR node)
After that Divine Mandate
Than Choose Inq and go to Inq Seal
Devotions take like in final build

Aegis of Menhir is super easy skill for leveling
At 94 LVL skip it and take Fervor

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Just gonna leave this right here

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thank you very much for the updated GT link!! appreciate it!


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in regards to your leveling post; so for leveling up you suggest using aegis with a melee 1h weapon and a shield untill lvl94? and max all the nodes connecting to aegis of menhir?

sorry for the questions, im still a newbie :smiley:

Yes, that’s right
Aegis of Mengir is very powerful skill for easy leveling
You can use it with melee or ranged 1H, it is no matter

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thank you for keeping it up to date

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hey omnitrio!

wanted to ask; what are the oils/tinctures that you are using and what faction did you choose, kymon or vigil?

I don’t remeber now and it is no matter

Elixir of the Ancients
Elixir of the Dranghoul
Cursed Tincture

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I really wanna give this build a try, but i have troubles using the grimtools link, because the website have hosting problems. any solutions?

Build’s Screenshots






thanks omnitrio


Thank you so much

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greetings, i have a question…i see that you are wearing 2x coven storm seal. you can buy them from the faction vendor at coven’s refuge, right? but what i dont understand is; when i buy me these rings…they only have lower damage, DA and attack speed rolls than the ones you are wearing. the ones i can buy are only 84% phys and 84% internal bleeding. how do you buy these rings with higher rolls? and also the mythical rune of kalastor; when i select this recipe in my blacksmith, also this item shows me lower rolls than the one that you are wearing. the one in my blacksmith only shows 85% phys and 85% internal bleeding


Every time you exit the game and start it up again, the items are “rolled” to have different stats. There is some +/- variance to most bonuses on items depending on the item “seed”. Keep exiting and restarting to get the items with the highest rolls. This is really easy to do with Faction items!

This variance also applies to crafted items. You will see the average or base stat for the item where the actual number can be lower or higher than advertised. This variance differs from item to item, but it something like +20%/-20% (multiplicative) of the base value. So if an item has “+100% Fire Damage”, then it can be between 80%-120% in this example.

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ohhhh i see!! wow, i didnt know all this! thank you so much for the great explenations… thats really good to know.


Hi! Thx for the build. I’m new in GD, trying follow it. Have some problems with leveleng.

Do you mean i have to start like this and then go directly to Guardian of Empyrion?

Now my leveling is slow a bit because my single damage ability has 2.5 seс cooldown and high energy cost. What i did wrong? Thx!

RxJunkie already answered

As for me I open GT choose “Show min/max values”
Make screenshot, open it on telephone start / restart game, go to seller and compare items

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You need to kite and throw shield by CD
Also you can learn Fervor and use it if your hero strong and can take “facetanking” damage

No. No reason to push the second node of Aegis beyond 10/12 at this point (or imo - after the nerfs - ever). Also, the third node got a little break point at 3/12 or 4/12 where you get 10% chance for 0 cooldown (later it goes only 1% per point). It’s good to get there and stop when leveling. Also, 1p Vire because why not.

You don’t even necessarily have to exit the game. I have some REALLY good versions of these items from just stopping at the Coven periodically during a play session. There is a timer that is fairly short (maybe 10 mins?) and the rolls on items a vendor has will change as well. I’ll go farm for a bit and as I’m changing locale, I’ll hit Homestead for couple pots and sell off, and other portal spots too if im looking for good rolled items.

Good luck!

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