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LF advices for leveling build
Now i cant pass Malmute on Elite becouse of too low dps. Leveling is very slow. I’m new in this classes, help pls - what i did wrong? What i have to correct to get to 94 faster? Thank you!

Give me your save files, I’ll show you how play this build before 94 lvl

If you have some interesting items, plz, put in the personal game stash

Upgraded a bit
but anyway can’t kill even Bollag, Keeper of the Gates - he almoust oneshoted me :frowning:
can’t imagine how to get 94 :confused:

Give a screenshot what components u can craft
Or jusr type All if u already have it

Tomorrow I show u a video with my vision of your build. I think it will be better than type a lot of symbols.

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Thank you very much!
And sorry for my leveling problems instead of build discuss :slight_smile:

What about save files?
Did you find them?
With out save file I only can remake you build, because I’m not master of leveling guide
It is easy for to show you how to plat than try to type it :laughing:

i would be interested to see that video too! i just started leveling this character yesterday… i almost completed the game on ultimate with my first char (eye of reckoning templar) and collected/crafted a few things from your build but i am still missing the helm recipe, amulet, relic, chest, belt and shoulders :confused: and this video would probably help me too once i get to elite…

I’m remake your build a little bit

  1. Use components that I choose - it will give you more HP, Aether Resist, Physical Resist and etc…
  2. Change Devotions - it will make your build stronger with such items
  3. Follow the strategy - put Inq Seal and hit Fervor than use Aegis of Mengir and kite, repeat it more and more. You have low damage because you don’t have good items ((( your % damege is low. You need more kiting now (hit and run) than stay at one place

Use simmilar kiting-strategy like in this video

Update: Use Augments in all items on build

Update 2: Use Potion of Clarity for faster EXP

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I can make a video only after get Quingohtar save files


Now I’m uploading video on YT

This is my remake of your build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyp3J0V
I use only those items that you have (components, augments and etc from stash and sellers)

My advice is to pump you the reputation of Malamouth on Normal Difficult and buy Potion of Clarity for faster EXP


Here we go :slight_smile:


Thank you for such datailed leveling info and example! Will try today overpass 6th act and push to 94 lvl with corrected build

I’m using Potion of Clarity but it becomes too expensive due to permanent deathes

Sorry I know this is completely off topic but is your user name from the electronic artis omnitrio? One of my favourite artists ever.

I had a really tough time leveling with aegis. I eventually switched to dual pistols and bloodrager set at level 75. It seems to be going faster now.

Yes :star_struck:
My nickname from Robert Haigh aka Omni Trio

hello there! i got my paladin to lvl 94 but now i have the problem that the pants (chausses of barbaros) require 1035 physique to wear them and i only have enough physique if i put all my atribute points into it…but then i dont have enough cunning to use the guns :frowning: and i see that in your screenshot and also in your videos you only have 935 physique! how is that possible?



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ohhhh!!! i feel so stupid now :smiley: thank you so much!!! i forgot to respec my devotions…

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will the 18% damage reduction from Rune of Wretched Desires stack with the other reductions in this build?

damage reduction does not stack
will work the greatest

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is there something you would change on the devotions since the hydra now has 4% life leech instead of 40% piercing damage?