[] Mindy Simmons | DW Ranged Purifier | Abomination Fire Strike | Dungeons | SR 85 | CR 170




Shattered Realm


SR 75 & 76 NEW VIDEO


CR 150 170 by Slev1n NEW VIDEO


Celestial Lokarr

Roguelike Dungeons

Dungeons Mix

Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community


Bonus Fire & Lightning Build



CR 150 170 by Slev1n NEW VIDEO



Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools
Because items have been crafted for Stun Res

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Special Thanks @Slev1n for Crucible Video :heartbeat:

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This makes me happy to see! I just recently tried to make a build with these two pistols, but it didn’t turn out very well. Didn’t think about using Abomination though, and lacking a Purifier I tried it on my Elementalist instead… results were underwhelming to say the least! :slight_smile:

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hmm i was wondering how it work that convertion in the fire strike? the %fire dmg after the chaos to elemental?

yup, % of damage type you are converting to is all that matters

This caracter can kill “crate of entertainment”?

I realy don’t think so

Good results by your build, nice to see the ranged play style and I like Bonemonger set too.

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curious about the choice of hand and feet slot. are they chosen to fill in resistances?

@arcanus Those gloves are one of the best for elemental base builds due to AS, spirit dump (=dmg) and boots for phys res, cc resists

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also about the amulet. he seems to be using a random conduit of destructive whispers. i would think the best roll for this amulet is one that would allow increased health regen to vindictive flame. been trying to get that to roll for destructive whispers conduit but haven’t been able to, wondering if that affix was taken out. i use ulzuins set amulet in that place until i can get it to roll.

Still viable/best set up for the current patch?

I think used flat resistance removal on flashbang but that was changed. Build poster has not posted anything since 9 september so I think he or she quit game