[] Power of the double set - Invoker+Ludrigan Druid Gladiator in ~ 6 on average+bonus meme build


Wanted to start the new year’s strong! But see there is one little problem. I was searching compendium if someone else is done similar concept and couldn’t find it but actually both sets are done as Druid by @thejabrixone credit to him. And sorry about that, buddy :sweat_smile: Still I have some different ideas about the build.

Also decided to add to some of my new builds extra ideas I normally just delete and don’t post. So the extra build it’s absolute meme but with double rare greens it’s pure glass cannon. But let’s go back to the main build…


  • permanent buffs , DPS for chain lightning

GRIM TOOLS : :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV93nYnN


Other than full Ludrigan and Invoker sets I am fielding 2 pieces of light Defender for some armor and massive 5% DA which is needed considering my idea to bypass Savagery stacking, which I really hate on casters, Other option is to take Alagast shoulders+rings and then slap Cindertouch gloves.

Also new hot belt +1 both classes is present. Relic, decided to choose Eye of the Storm, cause +1 Shaman and %damage is nice but Arcanist relics have some value as well.


Usually they are so boring for lightning builds, so decided to mix things up. No Spear but permanent Reckless Tempest, also no Ghoul but Wendigo and Chariot. Definitely I like the balance between defense and offense.


Build is somewhat consistent in Crucible, enough defenses to face tank most of the waves. Waves 162(Mad Queen), 169 and some Nemesis combos required some movement. Luckily totems and electrocute damage allows free movement and dealing damage while kiting. But mostly is lightning show.

Times are around 6 minutes on average or slightly less, depending on spawning of Maiden, Valdaran and Sister Kymon, cause they eat some time. Still time frame is actually small. My best run done twice it’s 5:33!


Bonus build

GRIM TOOLS : :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EwL7mZ

his is really meme build, made with impossible greens which is glassy but doing really nice damage. Also neither Shaman or Inquisitor have %fire damage, also no fire Storm totems gearing with damage mods, conversion and only fire item that supports totems it’s pair of boots. Furthermore I need manual lightning to fire conversion, so crappy rings and no sets are used.

Also decided to take damage devotions and build it’s so unbalanced and meme-like. But here it is video of 5:20 time!


I love the builds Nery! Are you sure it wouldn’t be better off with a Spear + Korvaak devotion route though? Tempest has always seemed kind of lackluster to me considering its requirements.


Arcane Harmony + Golemborn for the huge spirit dump for about 400% extra lightning at the cost of 200 OA. I’m not sure if it’s better, but I think it’s worth a try.

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Oh it’s great idea. I am sucker for trying new stuff and Tempest it’s good with Star Pact actually. Plus Spear proc is better if you have full arther>lightning conversion.

Not sure how the survival it’s gonna be but will try it to see the damage. Spirit+more procs looks juicy.

Part of that was me swapping ravager’s eyes for %damage augments, the DA will actually be higher than before if you swap back, so go with whatever works best.

I remember I had similiar kind of grimtools being stashed away since the release of FG, never got to test it tho. Great results.

Really not sure about those devos tho, but if they work - they work :slight_smile:

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Appreciate your comment! :+1:

You can still go traditional Invoker+ fire to lightning conversion setup on Druid but will lack compared to Mage Hunter version. But Ludrigan works well, cause it’s boosting the Shaman class and Storm Totem is really top tier damage dealer.

Yeah, at least I am giving you min-maxers something to comment :smiley:


Nice build! I also had sth similar in the beginning of FG but wasn’t impressed.
Great job for making it work!

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Oh don’t be shy, you are hell of a min-maxer yourself, sir!


Thanks! :blush:

I am gonna shock you though, my next build it’s lightning again with no Spear.


The thing is I had similar concept back then and wasn’t that good. Arcanist though is in great spot and lightning is very strong damage type.

No Spear on a Lightning build? That’s indeed… shocking! I will show myself out