[] Rachel Jordan | Ranged Paladin | Stronghold Fervor | Dungeons | SR 85

yup but you did not have full Justice and Stronghold set then :stuck_out_tongue:

The question was What skills should be maxed first to have a smooth experience? :innocent:

My answer was to use Potion of Clarity for fast leveling and what skills choose first

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And leveling smooth you don’t do with RF one handed ranged :stuck_out_tongue: kills stuff too slow with basic items.

Did you read what I’m writte?
But if you have this items and potions you choose OK and Aegis of Menhir skill
What one handed ranged do you talking about?


Thank you very much for your detailed answers guys. I’m gonna get this items and get on your build once I get them. I love the concept OH ranged and Shield.

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I’m in love with 1H Ranged + Shield

Did you see my Vindicator?

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Thank you showing me I’m gonna take a look :wink:

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For those not aware - OP (omnitrio) has posted a similar build, but with a Purifier.

As someone who had recently fallen in love with this gear setup, I have taken some time to compare the two to the best of my abilities. Please keep in mind that I am fairly new to this build (and Grim Dawn in general).

With that, these are my findings:

While comparable in damage, Purifier leads by a bit. I think it’s because the AoE effect of Explosive Strike and Brimstone works really well in dealing with crowds. Paladin may give offensive buffs comparable to the Purifier, but it doesn’t have the equivalent of the aforementioned skills.

In terms of survivability, however, Paladin leads by a very good margin. It has a lot more defensive buffs gained from skills (Consecration, Haven, Clarity of Purpose, etc.) Which gives things like %armor, %shield block chance and damage, stun/freeze duration reduction, and more. Also, Vire’s Might is an additional repositioning skill if your faction augment is on cooldown. Compared to that, Purifier has a bit of DA from Temper, and while Blast Shield is very potent, it also has a fairly short active time (4 sec) and a fairly long downtime (12 sec & the skill only enters cooldown after active time has ended).

In closing, when using this gear & devotion setup, I like the Paladin more because of a more solid defense. Fortunately for my Purifier, I’ve got the Dagallon’s Set farmed.


Build Update

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2 questions. is this your favorite iteration of the paladin? its so unique!
Also… what cosmetic setup is that? its amazing

Hey omni, is it worth using 1 jaxxon ring in one slot? I am doing contragor retal acid paladin but it is quite squishy sometimes.


I don’t test it, 'cos Jax haven’t got my type of dmg
And difficult to say what impact will it have by WPS

In order for a build to be published in the compendium, illusion guide is mandatory! :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome, is it still viable in 1.1.8?