[] RUNECRAWLER (c5:30) (sr+)

Added 2 alternative setups to op but can’t decide which is best. Mutators on 161-170 have been really fucking with me.

Have you tried WoP? It doesn’t look like much and requires a lot of investment. But last buff made it an excellent trash clearer. You click 4-6 times and apply a massive dot (and a mass procer) to the whole map till the end of the wave. It probably weakens the build overall but might boost the timer.

smth like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDw4DkV

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It needs more core stats, you don’t even have enough cunning and spirit to use the weapons.


This should be a bit better. I can’t comment on WoP’s efficacy in this build, but I’m currently working on an aether build with maxed WoP which can do sub 5 minutes. Super underrated skill right now I think.

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Yeah, this is better. I just made a template, maxed all the dmg and didn’t look at the stats :smiley:

Indeed. The buff was beefy, i think people missed it. And it falls right into the clearing meta.

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I did think of it and I looked it up in gt. I only tested 1-1-1 WoP for optimal procs and cheap scraps of AoE - and it seemed better - but I opted against it because piano.

WoP maxed here does 450 per tick. Totally maxed, it deals 630. So almost 1/3 of its power is in those last ranks that are unavailable here. Box deals 287 (including e-cute/1s) plus 140 from Tether in lesser AoE and less consistently (dies out with the enemy) but adds whopping 150 effective oa and procs everything well not just Seekers.

WoP would be massive but not because of dmg. It’s got freaky range and you can target ground next to the spawn zone to aggro those retards that fall asleep instead of going out (like Canister on demo). But… sub 9k health… If to pursue this, I’d save points and only max the node responsible for radius.

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How update build?

Nothing has to be changed. No nerfs or buffs to alternatives that I know of.