[] Spam CDR CB Burn Sorcerer, CR ~4:30m [g4][c+][sr+][vid]

Inspired by lightning spam canister sorcerer, i made my own version, but on fire(results:maybe slightly worse on overall damage(due that is fire), but much faster and have more CDR sources)



==================================STAT PANEL==================================

(Includes all buffs)

(Includes all buffs)

4m 10s

P.S. Maybe it’s time to increase CD on CB again ?:smile:

_BOOOOOM!!!.zip (Fire spam version)
_LTSNP.zip (Lightning spam version)


Oh, spam them Bombs Shoot! :dizzy_face:

Damn what a result, fire competing with lightning!


Sick results and decent Spirit investment!

More like amazing M.I. (even without double rare rolls) and 8% more cdr competing with 0 casters stats Barrelsmith pistol and removed cdr on Ulzuin’s amulet )))

Sweet run!

But it’s also ulzuin and the fact that the 3x storm beacon setup keeps being used which is extremely broken atm

I love it, nice build!

If we are calling out storm beacons as responsible for such awesome performance should we stop there in discussing crucible tribute options? If a discussion about adjusting one option is going to happen it’s a chance to look at the bigger picture. Underused banners, buffs that could be said to warp builds as much as storm banners currently are.

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