[] Storm Witch (Conjurer) 80 SR, 150-170, Other bosses

Happy new Year to all! After a long break, I decided to make a Storm Witch in the New Year. A big plus of the build is that you can kite almost any goal. Good mass damage and solo target damage. To play this build a pleasure.

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYXzK4Z

150-170, 1 run

150-170, 2 run



Clones Of Bourbon

Mad queen:


SR 80


Nice and simple setup. Have you tried Callagadra and Crate with it?

no, I haven’t tried it

If you need it Callagadra, here you go [] Retal Warlord. Callagadra 3m 19s. Ravager 1m 53s. AFK kill Mad Queen

Great, thanks! indeed those superbosses require dedicated setups, after you kill them, you can play other builds just for fun.

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Your first 2020 build it’s similar to mine, perhaps lightning Conjurer it’s the new fashion trend :wink:

[] The devilish mag - Trozan Wind Devil Conjurer

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