[] The devilish mag - Trozan Wind Devil Conjurer

  • How real Wind Devil looks like :smile:


Trozan set got Occultist support few patches ago. That immediately made Warlock suitable class for TSS caster, not just Druid. But this build of mine is actually … Conjurer. Playing Trozan set without Trozan skill, cause why not? Not that lack of Arcanist will stop me from making the caster’s signature spirit dump anyway.


  • permanent buffs, DPS for Chain Lightning.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWz4e02


So Trozan set is the key providing mods to Wind Devil and Sigil skills. Off-hand is also crucial, I selected bis affixes but the -2 seconds recharge and +1 summon is key.

Conduit is with Wind Devils mod. I tested Storm Totems one, but QoL is bad. And 5 devils all the time is so so great. -15% RR to CoF is nice too but +1 Occultist don’t have value here.

Also took some weird or not very popular items. Like pants(BiS here actually), rings combo and medal. Belt is MI but Storm Shepherd is great too. Lightning damage converted from vitality boosts bat proc and Wendigo Totems.

Relic is standard for lightning Shamans, boots+gloves boost my spirit.

NOTE: If you don’t have top rolls or good MI affixes don’t invest that many points in spirit.


Aggressive lightning map with Spear, Ultos and Tsunami procs. Also Elemental Storm for massive flat RR. Bat and Ghoul provides the defense and overall balance.

How this build survive?

Mostly by healing. Nice sustain from Bat with ~ 50 % vitality damage converted, also Wendigo Totem and Sigil. Also small boost from offensive devotion procs with weapon damage. Physical resistance for Occultist caster is good as usual. Ghoul and Grey magi procs makes you reach record amounts.

Build is somewhat vulnerable against burst damage, due to lack of damage reduction source and absorb is limited to prismatic diamond.


Most of the waves in Crucible will be very easy, sustain allows you to maximize your damage and draw in the middle enemies. Mad Queen, 169 and some Nemesis combos can’t be facetanked fully though. So build success rate depends on piloting skills and caution.

I recommend 4 buffs + 3x level 1 beacons setup. Elemental Storm is attached for Sigil, so can proc directly under the tough enemies. Beacons provides decent AoE RR.

Average time is slightly under 6 minutes, probably like 5:50-5:55 with my playing. I think it have more potential, my fastest run is 5:25!


Solid build, Nery, surprised noone as posted it yet!

I am not sure why you used Coven’s Storm Seal since you don’t need attack speed or poison res. There is also this ring:


Or even good old Storm Witch to cover your Pierce res.

Also, you can drop one Osyr’s Wisdom augment for Coven’s Skyshard Powder augment and still have enough Vitality res overcap.


Thanks for the advises!

I am surprised too that no one is posted it. It’s relatively standard build.

If you ignore them like you sometimes do and next time I open it I’ll see that attack speed ring, I will call Bulgarian KGB, swear to God!

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I am too lazy to update my builds constantly. But when I do, always take into consideration your comments, so they never go to waste. :wink:

Nice love around here :kappa
Great build Nery! I am actually amazed to see this is stronger than druid or warlock. Lookong forward to the improved version!

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Conjurer is one of the vanilla’s og’s that still remains one of the strongest class combos in Grim Dawn. Give it a set with some synergy and it will sing.

damn it was gonna post this one :smiley: Mine is a bit different, but perform about the same. Went cold/lightning in devo’s then threw on Morg gloves to even up the damage split for funsies :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oops, sorry. Long time exists the opportunity to make WD Conjurer but build wasn’t posted at the forum. Turns out other people played it too.

I like lightning route better for casters but 50/50 split sounds reasonable as well.