[] The Aether Panetti's Krieg Spellbinder, Gladiator in 6 minutes on average


Panetti skill works very well with Invoker very well but also it’s possible to build in aether variant. There’s no specific set, which support aether PRM, so Krieg set is used to provide skill points bonus and valuable stats.

Credit for the similar build posted in AoM era by @ya1.


  • build with permanent buffs, DPS for PRM. Craft 1 item with stun, rest with physique.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY5wolN


Core gear is 4 pieces of Krieg set, Spellgaze for AdctH, green medal and off hand. Decided to use Arcanist Conduit, but amulet with crit damage to PRM is also fine. Other gear:

  • Weapon - Wrath of Ascendant is BiS, excellent stats and RR proc.

  • Relic - Agrivix. Racial damage+good proc. Option is Eternity.

  • Rings - Eternal Haunt+Albrecht. The new aether ring is option too r even Screams of aether. Note that Albrecht is nicely in sync with Agrivix relic, which have chaos damage in the proc. Also ring converts damage from Fabric of Reality.

  • Pants - Arcane Harmony, excellent for spirit dump builds and also valuable disrupt protection.


So for Arcanist caster you want Devastation as nuke skill, use Callidor Tempest on Aeon to reset Devastation after using it. Also choose Ill Omen for damage reduction over Ravenous Earth. Decided to skip Siphon Souls, because build will become to much piano.


PRM spam+Devastation nuke is the main damage source. Build have multiple RR sources and also nice OA and crit. Casting speed is also caped at 200% in game.


Classical Binder defense - Mirror+Torment combo. Also nice life steal on PRM. Instant damage reduction, Nullification, Bat is standard devotion on casters. Physical resistance isn’t high though.


Build is solid in Crucible, but playing greedy may kill you in Nemesis waves. Against lesser opponents you’ll rarely even need Mirror. Time depend on Reaper and Alex spawning, but it’s fairly stable - from 5:40 to 6:25, around 6 minutes on average. Here’s my fastest run 5:39.


Solid build, great job. Have you tested Aldanar’s Vanity? Might be a very viable alternative.

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Aldanar is great idea, medal is without alternative but this is option for less expensive build. 30% and GD stashed affixes is better but Vanity will not be far and the proc+DA and OA is hot.

Might be very close because of more free skills and more Devastation.

Yes, I have been waiting for this!!!
Its going to be fireworks galor!!!

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Yet to see a single caster spellbinder not use wrath of the ascended :sleeping:

Still very nice build @Nery GJ!

PS: nerf wrath and/or buff alternatives pls Zantai

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There’s also version by @valinov without Wrath of Ascendant. It’s Temporal Arcblade :slightly_smiling_face:

Jokes, Dreadfire is great too, RR proc is actually better.

Yeah, have fun!

One thing I find odd about wrath of the ascendant is that it’s racial damage wasn’t touched during the balancing pass on racial damage.

It is a bit too much: +1 to all skills, RR, racial damage, cast speed, -OA/DA, duration proc, and large % boost. All the min/max fundamentals.

The only thing it doesn’t have is OA, which arcanist doesn’t really need now with changes to Overload. :man_shrugging:

In the GT link you dont use the skill from Wrath of the ascended, intentional or did you just forget to add it to skillbar?

It’s a Skill proc, not a granted skill you cast.



OFC ! Sorry was tired! :sleeping:

Still have a bit to go!..
Bit stale when playing so many other toons lately ( @Maya really, really drunk warlord… & @Superfluff Belgothian Sushichef…) , not really used to the ranged approach…
But not near as bad as the Petting… (@Maya)…
Pet’s are like trying to educate someone thru an interpreter… ( My guess is that, smoking green leaves gets you in the right backbeat…, Just kidding… but my metronome is totally of beat with pet playing style, and somewhat ranged builds… I really need to be in there and smack their faces, ASAP!!!)


When a former meme suddenly goes below 6 min :rofl:

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Why not off-hand of the Sands? Or Sorcerer’s/Templar’s medal?

Also thx for remembering my old nooby builds lol

Hey, @Nery! Now that in aether Panetti conduit is gone, how would you replace it?

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Yes new conduit. That will hurt the build pretty bad I would say. Two options, either go with aether focused amulet or Heart of Malmouth. I think you should try the Malmouth ammy, mods to PRM and +1 Arcanist skills.